Selling 1-600 Profession leveling packs.

Would like to buy enchanting kit 1-600 for a alt, Pls come online XD
Sorry GG, I'm on my alt mining, please contact me via in game mail on this toon. It's easier for me to keep track due to the sudden influx of packs I have to build currently :P
mailed u (:
how much for a bs and jc kit togeather?
G-morning Breesy. I'll price it out today and reply in-game to you. :)
Bump for Borderlina, her profession kits smell like perfume.
Borderlina is the best :D
Sent you in game mail about some packs :D!
hello, I would like to buy a BS kit. Is it possible for you to sell to horde players? I'd be willing to pay extra.
Vero, I'll reply to you in the am :)

Heli, I could, but we're talking at least a 35% increase just from the neutral ah. I do have a few friends on my battle tag that are on horde side, I will talk to them to see if we can come up with an exchange somehow.

Thanks for thinking of me!
Will keep an eye out for it thanks :) If you for whatever reason you didn't get my original mail let me know and I can send again :3
Vero, I actually didn't get a mail from you! Please do re-send!
Awww Kinas, I didn't see you leave some sweet love on my topic..

Thanks qt :)
Vero, I actually didn't get a mail from you! Please do re-send!

Sent you one :D!
To all of you who are waiting for me to get your packs done, PLEASE mail me in game with what profession(s) you are waiting for!

My kiddo didn't think I needed an open notepad on my laptop and she thought she would help me by "closing all windows"! Yikes!

Sorry for the delay.

Edit to add, I already have some of you back on the list, but I don't want to miss anyone!
Sold another 2 BS packs! :)
Sold Enchanting kit. Building another now! :)
Buying Engineering Leveling Kit 200-500
Send me an in-game mail Vaerik :)

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