[H] <Chaotic Disillusion> Hardcore PvP Guild

Hello Mal'Ganis!

Have you been seeking a hardcore PvP guild that actually runs rated battlegrounds on a scheduled basis, helps guild members conquest cap and provides you with great tips on how to improve your game? If those things sound appealing to you, check out <Chaotic Disillusion>.

<Chaotic Disillusion> has recently transferred here from Stonemaul and is seeking new players to fill its ranks. While we are currently accepting all players who are interested in PvP, dedicated PvP players will have a shot at getting on our 2nd rated battleground team. If you demonstrate a high level of dedication, you will be rewarded.

Core Team openings: Frost Mage, Frost DK, Boomkin, Restro Druid
Must be at least 1600+ rating for core team consideration.

Core group runs rbgs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday @ 8 PM server time.

<Chaotic Disillusion> is a level 25 Horde guild that offers a private vent server, a stocked guild bank, cheap PvP gems and enchantments, along with a host of other goodies.

Applicants should apply on our website or message me in game:

Still looking
We presently have a few openings for our core team, see original post for more details.
Still looking for another talented frost mage and a boomkin to add to the roster.
Possibly Xfer'n there with 4 of my guildies. Assassination Rogue, Fire mage, and I think my friend is xfer'n his Spriest. I think he said might have been his shammy. can't remember.

We'll be looking for a home there once I can confirm everyone is xfer'n. We're on a pve server with next to no Rbgs. however we arena every chance we get.

So if you need to fill your ranks with a some experienced players who are all adult. And want to learn more and whoop some serious butt let me know.
Yeah, we have open recruiting going on now. You and your friends would be a welcome addition to our crew. Right now we regularly run a core rbg team 3 nights a week, and we are looking to get a second core team formed. If you were to join us, you'd have a much easier time getting the people together to run rated bgs. Most of our guild is around a 1600 rating.
Cool beans. I won't be able to confirm for about another 4 hrs. friend lives in PST land and is at work. And I missed the other guildie to confirm that he's for sure xfer'n and the fool never mailed me back. it will be nice to actually do RBGs again, that's not total crap.

I did a pug one here on Dent the other day, and I just wanted to cry, then gouge my eyes out. then ask for the 25mins of my life back lol. We have some good pvp people here.. but not many, and not many that are dedicated. Hence the moving
I know the feeling.

We left Stonemaul because there wasn't a big enough pool of pvp talent on that server.

Moving to Mal'Ganis has opened up our recruitment a lot.
We still have open recruitment going on!

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