Are there any late night or weekend guilds

on this server?
Trying to figure that out myself, weekends at least. I've been raiding with Mens Wearhouse, but there's a chance that after my orientation for classes I won't be able to make anything during the week anymore.
I need a late night weekend raid also
theres got to be atleast one? i need something to on the weekends with my alt people!
Maybe we should start a guild. Any good tanks healers need a late night weekend raiding guild.
I'd heal a late night weekend raid, I know and can explain the first 10 bosses
hey guys, i couldnt help but join in on this conversation... I just got back to Wow a few days ago... Around 7 or 8 months ago I was beginning MSV and it started well and then i had to take a leave of absence. Now Im back looking for a guild, but sadly im undergeared... Within the next few weeks i plan to have a 495 ilvl and i should be raid ready... Let me know if you guys will need any ranged dps because i would love to be apart of a weekend raiding guild on KT

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