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... is dead.

It was announced today by Malu himself on the WoW Machinima Tool forums that he will no longer be working on the project due to loss of passion and real life commitments. He has also stated that although he has attempted to find another person to work on the tool, he has not had much luck in this regard.

Here is a link to this post:

I myself have not lost my passion for World of Warcraft or my characters or Azeroth as a whole and the denizens that inhabit it (with the exception of a select few). Previous to the announcement, I made a few posts enquiring as to when a working version will be available, and I discovered that a good number of machinimators would gladly pay for the use of the tool, myself included. It was just THAT awesome.

Blizzard has not dissuaged people from making machinima, nor have they condemned it outright. Indeed, they have even gone so far as to encourage it by giving the WoW community creative license by having their video competitions every year, which has brought to light some extremely entertaining viewing on YouTube. They have even done something similar themselves with some the recent cutscenes in Mists of Pandaria reminiscent of what you would normally find in a high quality machinima.

So, here is my proposal.

Blizzard Entertainment is always looking for ways to generate income. This is why they have the Blizzard Store, TCG and of course, game subscriptions. Why not let Blizzard take over the WoW Machinima Tool project, make it an official piece of Blizzard/ World of Warcraft software and make it available for purchase and download?

Here is how they could conceivably do it.

The ground work and bulk of the tool has already been done by Malu, and I'm fairly sure Blizzard has something similar of their own that they use. Blizzard would only have to update and maintain the tool over their consecutive patches, and this could be made viable by treating the tool like they do their games, by attaching a small subscription fee to the Tool which would be paid by those who wish to use it. Because let's face it, although I doubt this project would take up too many resources, Blizzard cannot commit said resources to this project without some sort of financial incentive.

All Blizzard needs to do is get in touch with Malu and either get the source code from him or release a Tool of their own for us to use. A quote from Malu himself:

"I think that its time that Blizzard take up the ball and make their own toolset, just like Valve's Source Filmmaker.
It would be a win-win for the community and them, and would take no time to make."

I'm sure it would be gratefully received by the WoW machinima community, certainly it would by myself. I pay to play the game I love. I would gladly pay a little extra to make my machinimas they way I like to, which is another thing I love to do.

If any of you have anything to add about this topic or have any comments on this post (constructive criticism only please) please do so.

Regards, Raynewyn.
Yes please!
I'm giving this a bump cos I have several projects that would benefit from Blizz making this available and it needs to be brought to their attention. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I'm the one voicing this.

Machinimators unite and get this done!
You need this Blizzard, i'm telling you now, if this becomes a thing I will buy it the second I see it in store.

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