10m Heroic Tortos

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Going into heroic Tortos tonight. From what I've seen quake stomp basically a 1 shot without the crystal shell absorb stacked to full. Here's my plan for us going into this right. Any suggestions or tweaks would be greatly appreciated.

Warrior - bats
Dk - tortos

Resto Shaman
Holy Pally

Assassination Rogue
Fire/frost mage
Surv Hunter
Enh Shaman
Balance druid

The plan:
From the limited information I've gathered, it seems players hit one of the crystal shells initially, recieve a 15% max health absorb and then they are able to continue damaging the shell or by healing them to stack it to 75% of max health before each quake stomp.

When the whirls come we will have our warlock slow them and dps them down. Sub 20% we will just burn boss.

When the bats come, stack warriors crystal buff and kill them at the boss so that he can be cleaved.

I think the shells will die if they take too much damage so is the best course of action to stack it only through heals?

Thoughts and suggestions?
I have just begun the process of creating guides for the heroics modes of this tier, sans Jin'rohk because ez. Tortos is the one I made first.

The crystals will not die. So do not worry about that.

Keep crystal shells on everyone at all times.

Have an aoe stun ready and ALL times for the tank with the bats. If the bat tanks crystal shell drops off at any time that they have bats, use that stun to allow the tank to get a shell that will last long enough to get some healing added to it.

Have more than just your warlock slowing the adds. We have our warrior tank aoe slow them initially, mage slowing the primary target, warlock slowing another, and hunter on the last. Having one class do all of the slows by himself is usually a huge loss to raid dps.

We found that 3 healers made this fight easier, but we could see 2 working as well.
Your dk should take chilblains and glyph of dnd. (S)he can drop dnd right before the turtles come and use the slow to spread diseases onto the turtles, which will slow them for quite a bit and help out with damage on them

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