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<Violent by Design> (formally <Stuck on Cooldown>, due to technical issues we had to wait 30 days to change the name), is a recently transferred guild on Tichondrius US horde side.

Who we are
We are a bunch of players that raided back in Cataclysm until we broke up after the 2nd week of Dragon Soul (finished 1/8 heroic). We are dedicated raiders that want progression without all the Drama. We don't plan on being server first, but we will be doing heroic content.

Raid Times
We plan on raiding at least 2 nights a week, starting Tuesdays from 8-11 pst. The other day(s) will be determined in the near future.

What we expect of our Raiders:

- Knowledge of your class. Including (but not limited to) correct gemming, enchanting, and reforging
- Willing to take constructive Criticism
- Respect for your fellow raider
- Desire to raid, regardless of acquiring loot
- Knowledge of fights prior to encountering them. (Some exceptions apply)

Current Recruitment Needs (as of 4/15/2013)

We are pretty much full for our first 10m team but we still need more because we don't expect to always have everyone on. Also when we get enough players I'm pretty sure we will get a casual team 2 going. Team 2 will be more of an alt run tho, nothing serious.

Tanks - Medium
Healers - Low
Ranged DPS - Medium
Melee DPS - Low

Extracurricular Activity (what we do outside of raid times)
Lately everyone in the guild has been in a PVP mood, been doing lots of BGs, arena, LOTS of world pvp (sorry alliance vendors) , and even starting to get a rated BG team going. We have been starting to do challenge modes as well, along with old content transmog/achiev runs. Bottom line is, if it isn't a raid night we like to %*!@#*!% around and have fun. So if you aren't a raider or you can't commit to raiding on a schedule, but still think the above sounds like fun then feel free to add me and ask for an invite!

Guild Rules and other Misc Info:
We are currently planning on busting through MSV/Hof/ToES to gear up new players/fresh 90s. So if you are currently not on Tichondrius, but seem interested, feel free to add my battle tag (Stickybeans#1524) and come do some old content and see how you fit in.

We want our raiders to be good players, but we DO NOT tollerate Loot !@#$%s, Elitists, or dps ^-*!@s.
GUILD RULES (copy pasted from in game guild info)
1. Don't be a Dumbass!
2. Leaving raid early or AFKing during raid will get you
4. Do not post healing or damage meters in raid or
5. Trial ranks may not have any alts in the guild.
6. Enchants and Gems in Gbank are NOT to be used for
Alts or PVP, unless from the Alt/PVP tab.
7. Trial ranks are not entitled to any loot

Contact Information
Add my battle tag Stickybeans#1524, otherwise please whisper Devonrex, Zoomìn, Urulóki or Playtoy for any information or questions you may have. If none of the above are currently online feel free to /who Stuck on Cooldown and ask an online member if there is any officers on. If no one happens to be online at the time you may also send an in game mail.
Updated our recruiting info, LF ranged dps and a couple healers. But we can always use quality players of any role
Still need a couple more to fill the ranks
Updated recruitment needs, and added a little info about what we do outside of raid times.
I will talk to you in game
We will be starting Throne of Thunder this week and, we need 1 ranged DPS to fill our group! We really really want a Warlock but are willing to consider any good ranged.
We just filled our 10th spot, so we are just about all full. That being said I cannot guarantee a spot to any new recruits but we definitely still need more people to fill in here and there.
updated some info

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