Weak Heals?

Hey all, I have been grinding this toon through dungeons on prot and on occasion I change things up and go holy for fun. I feel like my heals are really weak though, I am CONSTANTLY casting something, and in emergancies my FoL feels like its doing the same amount of healing as my holy light. I know im not max level but i know i shouldnt feel this weak as a healer. Any tips or advice would be great. Thanks all
You should never really have to use FoL as a normal healing spell. It's one of those, oh crap, someone's going to die spell. Make sure you've always got your 5 charges of holy power, whether through HS or CS you want to maintain those 5 charges. WoG will definitely heal more if you use the 3 charges instead of just really quickly holy shocking and a WoG. Your HS will also occasionally proc off holy light, divine light, or holy radiance increasing the casting time of them. If your tank is taking heaving damage use diving light, if he's not taking too much, just use holy light. I hoped that helped you. If you got anymore questions feel free to post them here and i'll respond with some helpful tips that i've learned.
Your healing gear is very low for the instances you're probably getting at 88.

At level 88 there's full sets of green gear on vendors, one of them at Longyin Outpost in Townlong that is 408. Replacing some of your pieces that are basically level 85 gear should go a long way, because if you're questing as prot, or not questing at all, you really aren't going to get holy gear any other way.

If you want gear from questing for holy, make sure you're changing your spec before you talk to the NPC to turn quests in.
You also have a stamina trinket on. Might want to make sure your equipment sets are set up properly (or set some up if you haven't).
I had been questing as ret, but i have full rested through 90 now and i find i have more fun and level faster grinding dungeons as prot and holy. Thanks for the tips too, I have helium set up in order from spells that i use the most to least, but i think i need to rearrange them. Also thank you for tips on where to buy some holy gear. I will do that and see if that helps. Any tips on where to find another trinket for my holy set? As far as healing goes I generally keep HS on cooldown to keep up holy power and i keep EF on the tank, when i have OH CRAP!! moments I pop holy avenger and throw EF on everybody to help with the healing. Is this wrong?
Also where is that vendor at? I cant seem to find him

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