LF an add on that will help me find my target

Usually RBGs are a cluster f*ck. On my rogue when a focus target has been callen I find it hard to locate him at times and getting on him asap is HUGE.

Are there any add ons that will help me find my target faster?

I think DBM had a thingy where an arrow would tell you where to run but I believe that was only for a raid. Is there anything similar for PvP?


PS I don't want to use name plates as it covers my entire screen UNLESS the name plate is ONLY on my target.

Thanks again
I use BattleGroundTargets.

It shows every player on the opposite team has and their role.
yes I don't have a problem targeting the focus I have a problem FINDING my target. As a ranged its easy as a melee you have to be on him to hit him ;)

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