Fix Boomkin or remove it from the GAME!!!

How is blizzard going to give every class a million stuns or silences or fears, or anything of that nature to completely stop damage but boomkin has TWO!!!! solar beam which does nothing against melee, and entangling roots/Nature's Grasp which does nothing against caster. You cant even get a cyclone off in a duel or 2v2 arena because EVERY SINGLE CLASS has like 50 stuns and silences and fears... Either fix it or remove it. You made boomkin the worst class in the game... The ONLY reason anyone wants a balance druid in the game is solar beam in RBGs. Pretty sad that we are only wanted for one reason! Stupid blizzard for making a TERRIBLE class!

You are absolutely correct, the Boomikin is hands down the easiest class for me to kill, you guys cannot even put up a good fight.

Sometimes I feel sorry enough for you guys that ill actually pass you over, and look for another class to kill. Something a bit more challenging. I mean I don't even get any sense of accomplishment out of assassinating a Boomkin.

You sir are a 100% correct , fix this crap or just delete them from the game; pretty soon no one is going to be playing them anyhow, cause everyone is going to reroll either Mage or Lock.
Just out of curiosiy, how is deleting an entire class a solution?

PvP seems a bit lacking, and since I dont play enough I will not put my 2 sense where I dont fully comprehend the situation.

However from a PvE standpoint, we as a class standout. If not, why on WoL do we rank top 5-10.

So just because we have such a high skill-cap to play in one aspect of the game do game developers have to delete a character that has been rooted into the game since vanilla.

If your so unhappy just re-roll because I love boomkins for what they do.
The main issue that is probably causing such a massive uproar in our community with regards to pvp is the recent announcement of the changes to the solar beam glyph coming in 5.3.

As it stands right now, we are not very good for arena. We are one of the required classes / specs to bring to a RBG group though (due to our solar beam glyph increasing the radius of solar beam which makes it harder for the enemy team to get out).

With the nerf to the glyph in the next patch, our solar beam is going to be so pathetically small that people can move out of the beam without being sucked back into it with vortex, which in turn will decrease the need to bring a moonkin to your RBG group over say another warlock.

Not to mention, if you bring an ele sham or enhance sham... any flavor of druid can symbiosis them, and they'll get the exact same beam...

I know that I will be continuing to PvP as a balance druid, it will probably just be a little harder now to find groups / push rating

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