lvl requirement for titanium ore?

Can someone plz tell me the lvl requirement to mine titanium ore?

I know that you have to be lvl 65 to be able to mine cobalt ore. But what lvl is it for titanium ore??

To clarify, it's the lvl required to mine titanium ore and not smelt titanium ore. Since I know that I can buy cobalt ore and smelt it before lvl 65, but I cannot mine cobalt ore myself..
The only character level requirement I'm aware of is you'd need to be level 65 to train for Northrend mining. From that point on you would be limited only by your mining skill level to eventually find/mine titanium. All that said, i don't remember titanium nodes showing up until Sholazar Basin with its 76 mobs. I would think trying to mine around them at a low level would be instant death.

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