LF Dedicated RBG team / Guild

Real ID: Spatter#1703
Hours available: Most Nights starting 10 PM EST | 9 CST | 7 PST

I am looking for a dedicated RBG Group to run with and push high ratings. I recently transferred to Tichondrius as my old realm's pvp scene was quite lacking.

I have played this game since vanilla. I earned Legionnaire on my Warrior and Scout on my warlock before they took the pvp ranks away. I did arena seriously in BC and was able to obtain a Vengeful Nether drake and some other pvp achievements for the season.

I took a break from the game for a bit and when I returned I mainly played PvE and did not try to push rating on any of my pvp teams. Just the weekly cap/fun stuff.

I am looking for a guild that runs guild RBG's well. Not "for fun" or "just to cap". Serious players who want to push high ratings and earn achievements.

I currently run RBG's on Three Characters.

Warrior FC (1950cr) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Spatt%C3%A9r/simple

Warlock (1650cr)

Hunter (398cr)

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