Dk/Lock/resto druid 3v3

Hey, im fairly new to pvp starting during the last 3 weeks of last season playing 2's with a frost DK or destro lock. One of my friends in real life has transferred to our server so we can run thress with DK/Lock/resto and was wondering if that is at least a "viable" comp.

We did a few last night and went 5-2 before going on a massive loosing spree, usually a result of the dk being trained.

I'm looking for advice running that combo and specifically wondering whether we would be best running unholy/aff/resto or frost/destro/healer?

Thanks for any advice.
You'd probably be better off as Unholy/Demo/Resto
Your warlock should probably run UA, and if you are having trouble against spell cleaves than you should get your DK to run unholy for AMZ. The goal is to get your DK to train a healer while your lock just UA + fears DPS for peels and aids damage. When the healer dispels defensively to get someone's fear, he takes additional damage and is silenced. You have the ability to constantly put people behind.

Your only job is to keep your team topped off, and keep FF on rogues. Only time you should really cyclone anything is if your teammates are taking way too much damage, or an enemy popped a major offensive CD like shadowblades/skull banner/incarnation etc...
Thanks for the above tips.
Will we be disadvantaged if the lock is aff and the dk is frost? He is alot more comfortable with the spec and does more damage, but is willing to change if its necesarry for the comp.

In regards to the cyclone only in emergencies, why not constantly be ccing somebody so long as people don't die why im casting cyclone?
Unholy's true power is in stacking Necrotic Strike and its overall Dot/Ranged damage through transformed pet and DC.

UA coverage is awesome for Fears and such, because cleansing UA damages the cleanser and the person they cleansed. Also, both Aff/Unholy have fairly decent burst but not as much as destro/frost but they dont necessarily compliment as well as UH/Aff do. I have only seen maybe 1 Resto/UH/lock team and the lock was Demo.

Hunters, rogues and WW monks are FOTM, and all need to be toned down.
SHADOWCLEAVE unholy/demo (or affliction) resto

basically dk and lock keep dots on everything, dk builds necros on someone, set up a CC chain pop CDs and you'll score a kill, or put them so far behind on healing they will eventually oom if you maintain pressure.

The weakness of the comp lies vs. teams meant for quick kills. Basically the longer you can prolong the fight as shadowcleave the better your chances of winning.

Edit: The only true issue with the comp is because you want to live longer you need more communication and positioning than say mage/feral/healer or spriest/mage/healer where they can just run in toss around some CC and blow someone up.

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