Meridian (25) <A> is Recruiting!

"Meridian" is under new Management and recruiting! In need of talented raiders to make a core team! Core spots available be 480+ ilvl. We are a semi-HC adult raiding guild with ambition!. Times are W/Th 7:30-11pm currently going to start with 5.1 content and work our way up as a guild.

Some info about Me:
I have been in many high end guilds holding a officer position or higher. I have taken what i learned from them guilds and am applying it to my own. Currently 16/16 (t14) and 2/12 (t15)

Tanks (open)
Heals (Holy pally or resto druid)

We are taking anyone willing to join also

Loot System:
I plan on implementing a Suicid Kinds system i find it to be the most fair and pretty simple to use.

Thanks for stopping by feel free to add my gamertag Mrmarbles#1553 to talk
Currently no Officer positions are taken so keep that in mind the opertunity is out there
Hello :)
The husband and I are looking for a new home..and we have been thinking of moving to your server. We are both healers and have a lot of raiding experience. I was wondering who/what you still need for a raid team.
We are still in need of some healers one with a pretty solid OS...We are currently Open for all positions and it shouldn't take to long to fill. I am hoping to be fully built if not almost by next week.
I would like to know what time the raids are. Thanks

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