[A] Reroll guild - Coming to KT soon!

New characters - everyone is starting at level 1 we are just waiting for a few more to sign up!

This is your chance to make the class you have always wanted, or find the solid group/guild you have been searching for since vanilla.

Please visit for MORE INFO:reactguild.enjin.com/home

YOU ARE NOT TOO LATE, we have not started yet!
Roughly 18 members at this time, waiting for more!
Would we be leveling together? Plus would this be starting a brand new guild and only brand new people @ level 1?
please see the website link, don't care to get banned for repeating on here lol

but yes, fresh level 1's all will start at once when we get 25 people, so far at 18 last time i checked.. checkout the site
I don't mind joining in on this. I could level an ele shaman! XD

Battletag: Raznoth#1370
How would this work, being a group of 25 people, in 5 groups of 5 im assuming, waiting for quest kills/loot. This seems like a bad idea unless we would split into groups of 5 with designated tank/healer for insta queues. I'll only play if the dps is decent... Fast runs should be a requirement.

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