LF A Leveling Partner!

Title says it all! But yea anyways looking for a leveling partner that is available 7 days a week, 3PM EST - 8PM EST. We aren't going to be leveling 24/7 like this. But you know just looking for someone that perhaps that may be eligible. Yes you require BOAs, you don't need all (Don't need to have all, just want to make sure you keep up). Also I have a 3 seater/2 seater so we are good to go on that and also own a level 25 Guild with Guild Repairs!
Requirements Pretty Much
  • Be available 7 days a week (3PM EST - 8PM EST) We won't be questing 24/7 on that.
  • Need some BOAs
  • Now Let The Replies Begin! Also we will start on Sunday! List Battle Net tags here if interested.
    Also Sorry For My Capitalization Usage :D. Just love to have abundance of things Capitalized.
    Made my post on that!
    Dang no one interested?
    Added Part:
    Still looking >.<
    Bump me please :)

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