FOR THE WARD - Impossible without PvP?

^^ have you not read any of the above posts.once past a certain stage there is noit skyscreamers.
Couldn't you just drag a mob over and do it that way? As long as you continuously tag a mob, he will follow you. Spam ice lance on the run, Polymorph if you're worried about killing the mob, get to the ward and do your thing.

Easy Peezy.

Also be warned there are issues with this achievement. I actually got mine from some other player in the area doing it (we were not grouped).

That'd be even easier, but I wouldn't count on it.
Area 52 is also on the final stage and these wards do absolutely nothing to pve mobs.. and with a horde to alliance ratio that often feels like 100 to 1, I haven't even tried to do it via pvp.
I cant seem to complete this achievement. Nothing procs the kirin tor ward.
I can't get this to work as well. I've dragged every different type of add, even pulled a beastmaster off his mount in the sky by stage 1 quests all the way over, none proc'd the ward. I killed 3 horde players with the ward all 3 times the ward got the KB, stopped attacking at 5% no poisons on, no bleeds on target, no achievement.
I'm going to assume everyone in here wants the title.

If you have another level 90, you can start the dailies and progress to stage 2 (attack a skyscreamer over Violet Rise) or stage 5 (wait for a boat on the left side facing the Violet Rise stairs - make sure you get to it before the guards kill the mobs). Unfortunately, if you are on the final stage you will need the help of a Horde character.

Pets work too! You don't even need to tag the pet, just as long as you're near it when it dies to a ward. I found that the Horde on my server were more willing to help me when I explained that I didn't need to kill them lol.
I have an alliance and horde toon at 90. Unfortunately if you are alliance, none of the NPCs are working (from my testing) at stage 6. On horde side, however, the dragon riding trolls above the camp will work. Just ranged hit the dragon and they will fall. Bring them by a ward, charge it, and it will zap them to death sub 20%. Good luck!

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