Need help connecting headset, please!

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Okay so, i bought a headset the other day its a plain headset, green and pink jacks, microphone attached, ear buds. But when it seems my computer doesnt recognize it? I have the microphone plugged in at the moment but when i go to the sound icon > recording devices it just says "no audio devices are installed" Does this mean i am missing drivers? Ive tried download three different drivers and no change. or could it mean a sound card issue? I am running windows 7 on a dell xps 420.

up untill recently i had been using a turtle beach headset , but the turtle beaches included an external square piece (sound card?) that plugged into usb and then i plugged the pink and green jack into that piece. My new puppy destroyed the headphones and the external piece
Oh and i have show disable and show disconnected devices boxes checked
The square bit on your turtle beach was a small amplifier, that got its power from your USB port. If your new headset doesn't simulate a subwoofer, it won't necessarily need that extra power. Do you still have the splitter that came with the turtle beach headset? If so, plug your splitter in and run your speakers and headset off of the same ports (assuming you weren't ahving problems with the speakers). You shouldn't have any driver issues if you had sound before, and a headset that runs on audio jacks doesn't need any drivers. Try plugging your headset into the audio jacks on the back of the motherboard instead of your sound card and see if it works that way, there could possibly have been some damage to your sound card if your puppy mangled the headphones while they were plugged in, or the force could have unseated your sound card slightly in the pci-e slot

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