Favorite Shaman Dead Horse Conversations

What is your favorite dead horse conversations that you have had about your shaman?

For me it would have to be the shaman tank. I just can't seem to give it up and always think of news it could be done?

what about the rest of you? windfury weapon proc perhaps?
wait. we're supposed to like these convos?
shaman tank makes me so happy
2h Enhance as a viable dps option. I want. I want so much.
Elemental Pets
Shaman Tanks
Resto Re-design
Perma spirit wolves as enh. Its a terrible idea but the passion some people argue for it with is wonderful.
Elemental Pets
Shaman Tanks
Resto Re-design

I would add 2 Hander Enhance to this.
"Make shamans more like <class>"
Nerf thunderstorm
Riptide Gets a new icon! (or any other ability) instead of any real fixes during major patches
Dead Horses-
Elemental PVP
Resto spread healing
2-hand enhance
Ascendance animation glyph
and of course.....

Shaman Tanking
Ghost devilsaur.
I'd also say Shaman tanking.. but if it's really such a dead horse, why do they keep inching closer and closer to making it doable? "New Glyph: Glyph of Lightning Shield causes Lightning Shield to reduce the amount of damage taken by 10% for 6 seconds after Lightning Shield is triggered." - x2 rockbiter weapon adds another 10% reduction with +60% threat gen (and frost shock for threat). Already have two CDs for 30% reduction and 40% reduction with rage and astral shift for periods of high damage. They gave Rockbiter a taunt with Unleashed Elements. Add in something for a boost to armor/crit prevention, and maybe an extra taunt.. and we're already good to go. So why don't they just make it happen instead of toying with us. >_<

2Hand DPS would also be awesome.

Making Elementals full-pets would certainly be interesting.
Heroism/Bloodlust cost a GCD. Time Warp DOES NOT.
My favorite shaman dead horse is the "Lift the shared shock cooldown" one

I'm pretty sure that horse is just one gigantic swollen bruise by now
2Hand DPS would also be awesome.

2Hand DPS is already possible.

1. Go Ele
2. Get a Staff (or the rare fabled 2Hand caster mace)
3. DPS
4. ????
The absolute worst dead horse statement is when people say that 2h enhance is a dead horse statement.

I knew I'd have another chance to use my louisville slugger. I'd beat the dead horse that is the whining shaman pvp community.

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