Favorite Shaman Dead Horse Conversations

Ele sham whinning about thier single target pve dps.
Totems off GCD.
Players pretending they played in vanilla while trying to support 2hand enhance or shaman tanking arguments when all they have seen are fabled videos of players using clearly broken mechanics from vanilla.
Bring back Sentry Totem!
My favorite shaman dead horse is the "Lift the shared shock cooldown" one

I agree with this. It's basically one of the most requested things, yet for a vast number of reasons it's one of the stupidest requests ever.

Still, it keeps coming up ><
One of the biggest dead horses: The clunkiness of Enhancement aoe.

Clunkiest of all specs and classes by far (at least in my experience out of my 10 90's and 1 87), especially with all of the little mob clusters on Isle of Thunder that die before you can spread flame shock with lava lash so that you can finally start casting fire novas.

6 sec CD (flame shock), that needs to be spread by a 10 second CD (lava lash), to finally get to the actual aoe ability (fire nova).

If the mob dies before you spread flame shock, you have to wait 10 seconds for lava lash to come off CD, and that is after flame shock is on the new target, to begin your real aoe damage.

Many solutions offered. None implemented. And the funny part is that the current enhancement aoe is much more effective/less clunky than what we used to have, so I guess we just have to settle for less fail.

/deadhorse off.

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