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So I have finally decided to buy this pc from newegg since it was almost identical to the one i was going to build. Any opinions on how it will run WoW on 1920x1080 High/Ultra?
IMO, that's the best deal in pre-builts right now. It'll run WoW on ultra with shadows one notch down and low AA, like 2x.
I'm kinda in the same boat as the OP. And the specs look pretty good as well as the price. My only concern as I have asked around to a few friends of mine who know this stuff like i wish i did. I keep getting the same response.....

It's a great build and system, but iBUYPOWER is a pretty bad company to deal with. That their support for parts replacement sucks. especially if the model is older than a year.

Maybe you can purchase it and it'll work great. And tbh I prob would've if I didn't ask around a bit and get a few other opinions.
@Ironcore I just went to pcpartpicker.com to see if I could find parts that would let you build the same computer for equal or lesser cost but I couldn't. The closest I got was about $650 and that was with moving the i5-3570 down to an i5-3470. Which isn't a huge downgrade at all. What's your budget?


I would always recommend building your own computer over picking up a premade one.

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