9/12 T15. LFM for casual Saturday raid group

Hi friends,

I'm the GM of Vastly Overrated. My main group raids only 6 hours a week and we are 9/12 TOT (expect 12/12 before reset). I'm looking to setup a casual saturday group. Until the group is filled, my main raiders will be filling in on alts. The average ivl is 500. If interested talk to me on Bnet at Salvations#1472 OR sign up for this saturday's Open Raid to test out the group http://openraid.us/events/view/91449. I plan for their TOT to start up next Sat (13 April).

1. Tank-Open
2. Tank-Open
3. DPS-Open
4. DPS-Open
5. DPS-Open
7. DPS-Warlock
8. H-Holy Priest
9. H-Resto Druid
10. H-Mistweaver Monk

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