Cannot connect to mobile armory.

Mobile Bug Report
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Same here as well...sporadic issues over the past few days and today, nothing...I know it's not my iPhone 5, please fix, I too have become addicted to the app lol...
Having same issue.

Nexus 4
Same issue here. It was working sporadically yesterday but stopped working today in general.

iPhone 5
Same Here

Razr xt910
Same thing here.

Droid Bionic Verizon
I've been following this post for a while waiting for a blue post. I haven't been able to log on my Galaxy III for over 14 hours
same on my android. i actually needed to contact some guild mates about being late and the one time i need to use the chat function i couldn't.

amazing timing these blizzard fails.
Cant connect either, none of my devices will, samsung galaxy s 3, acer a 500, nor my ipod touch 4g
Same here "unable to establish connection to server" almost immediatly after i click login, seems as though its not even trying to connect. I would assume they are doing some work on the server seeing as thought everyones having similiar issues.

The issue is definately isolatef to the "americas and oceanic" server.

Blizzard should implement some sort of outage message letting users know the server is down so they dont get spammed with user posts. Just an idea.
Same here.

iPhone 4S
Same issue here, Droid bionic, unable to connect
Same here. Samsung Galaxy SII
Same as, wtf is going on?
I haven't been able to connect for the past 12 hours or so myself.
Connection has always been touchy with the app. It's not very well designed but serves the purpose. But for the past two days, no connection at all. Had to login to the site. NOT a mobile friendly experience at all.
Same problem here. I was able to get on yesterday with no problems at all. Tried this morning and it keeps giving me the "Connection Error" of doom.
(Android user)
Having the same issue, iPhone 5. I haven't been able to connect for almost 24 hours.
tried all day too, keep getting unable to connect to server msgs, what am i gonna do at work now :P
Since yesterday I haven't been able to
tried all day too, keep getting unable to connect to server msgs, what am i gonna do at work now :P

lol ikr

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