Cannot connect to mobile armory.

Mobile Bug Report
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iPhone 4S here. I haven't been able to log on since the middle of Sunday.
Have been unable to connect to mobile armory for the last 2 days. Android; Gingerbread FF19; Samsung Galaxy 3. Error either times out or suggests that my router is blocking port 8780. Fresh re-install of app, clearing phone internal cache and temp files no help.
Me too. Android ver. 4.0.4 on Motorola Droid Bionic.
Yeah same here haven't been able to log in since sometime Saturday. Where is the Blizzard on this one?.....pretty sad when people are posting since 36 hours ago and not a single mod reply.
I was just able to connect to armory again. Able to post an auction.

Able to switch characters and view characters. Unable to sign in to guild chat on characters on Zul'Jin, but Azgalor loads fine.

I'm not certain if this connection problem is due to server load (Zul'Jin is High while Azgalor is low), or due to the fact that Sweet Apathy transferred from Azgalor->Zul'Jin as "Morally Offensive" and then had the name changed by a GM (transferred over without knowing we had to select the name change box as well as the transfer realm box). I'm submitting a ticket if this doesn't resolve itself by restart tomorrow.
Update: Was also able to connect.
Seems to be working! Thanks for fixing this WoW Gods.
Update: A new toon created in my transferred and renamed guild is also unable to connect.

Is there anyone on Zul'jin who can connect?
Its working with no issue, chat and AH are fine after almost 2 days
Realm: Ragnaros
Fixed for me.
An error occurred on the evening (PST) of Sunday 4/14 and persisted until Monday morning 4/15, when we located the defect and restarted the server.
issue still active as of 4/28
Was having a few issues logging in before now it refuses to connect still...

You all having a thing with "No Mobile Service Sunday"? That'll be fine once Football season rolls around but c'mooon! Packers ain't playing yet! I need something to check on my phone on Sundays other than football scores.
Yeah...same problem still persists....
Hell, Blizzzard, downtime is to be expected but leaving us without notice is not. Not for me anyway, maybe invest more into this App and "Populate" it if it's not already. May be an avenue to consider.
(Are you even listening Blizzard?)
I'll add my name to the list. Yesterday I had no trouble in connecting and for all of today I've got nothing. Can you guys do another check please?
This is Still a problem April 28th.

Regarding status updates on twitter. I appreciate them, but would prefer the status message that says you know there is a problem instead of the one that says we resolved the problem. This gives me peace of mind that I know you are working on it when the service is broken. At the moment we have no idea if blizzard is even aware of the problem and that is what is frustrating.
I originally posted on the 15th, that trouble got resolved. However, I have not been able to connect this morning either. We may need to start another thread as the trouble on the 15th was fixed and this is new.
I'm having the same issue on my Nexus 7 = /
Same Issue Android HTC Desire C - been down all night.

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