Cannot connect to mobile armory.

Mobile Bug Report
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Cannot access mine. iPhone 5. Please fix, etc, etc.
Same here, haven't been able to connect for the last 2 days. =((
I have not been able to access mine over the last few days as well.
I have tested from multiple devices and different connections.
I have even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it to no avail.
So it is not my connection or install but a problem with the server end of some sort.
Same as others who posted recently. Looks like it's down again...
haven't been able to log in to mobile armory since last night my phone has the latest armory build and runs android ics 4.0.3 with latest updates

continually receive Connection Error Unable to establish connection to server
Haaaza same problem but i can log into the european server even though i have no toons over there to play with
just wanted to update its working for me on the America server....pray to the weekend wow Dev and they shall answer...eventually.
Opened a ticket not long after point here. And seems to have been reconnecting okay for the moment.
same here on my nexus 7 lol
i just got on with my iphone 4s FYI
Seems like someone rebooted something.
I can get into the AH like old times.

iPhone 5
Down again
Is there a way to check the server status for this? Mine's unavailable for chat.
The mobile server went down on Saturday 4/27 and came back up on Monday 4/29. If you're having connection related problems after this period, please create a new thread.

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