Drop-Down Menu?

UI and Macro
Is it possible to create macros that will open a list of abilities, etc. similar to Shaman Totems or Mage Portals?
Being a Warlock Engineer, I have no shortage of unusual abilities. I'd love to clear up space by making a drop-down/pop-open menu for:
My many bombs and explosives.
My Abyssal/Terror Guard CD demons.
My many teleporting items, engineering specific and otherwise.

If this isn't possible, does anyone have any suggestions for "clumping" these and minimizing the space they take up? Or maybe some good add-ons that could do this?
Check out the addon Select.

Sorry for the late reply. That addon is amazing! It didn't quite work out for all of the things I had had in mind, but I managed to find several other great uses for it that also reduce UI clutter by "clumping" things. So thanks!

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