04/15/2013 03:56 PMPosted by Amuroraye
It’s pathetic how low your type will stoop to in an attempt to assimilate with the popular culture in here.

I burst out laughing at the irony of this.
04/15/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Gildriel
Okay kiddo, listen up. This isn't high school, there are no clicks, no popular kids, no lunch tables, no assimilation. You're an arrogant kid, and you're making no sense. Listen here, no one is sitting here spamming F5 waiting for a response from you. You're not popular, you're not important, and you're not impressing anyone with your Pop-psychology that you think you can use to psycho-analyze everyone. I'm not sure what you mean by "your type" but I'm sure you're trying to assume that everyone on these forums has yet to

move out of mom and dad's basement

Time to stop the pseudo-intellectual act, no one here is convinced - not even you. I know you're a douche college/high school student who was recently championing himself over his in game accomplishments until I deflated your ego on this fruitless endeavor to compare you in game prowess to mine. It should probably be known I’m more entertained at this conversation and enjoying your frustration in coming back with an appropriate response to me (to which at this point are rather weak.)

04/15/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Gildriel
and is some "fat neckbeard loser who has never had sex." That's priceless. Your attempts to psycho-analyze people only inflect inwards upon your childish nature. In your head you're winning this "fight" but in reality, you appear as a screaming child that everyone is wondering where his/her parents are.

I never brought your sex life into this conversation, but I'm impressed and pleased you understood the reference. And please, no need to attempt to poorly analyze me, I'll outright say I find this amusing - and seeing you contradict yourself in your fever to respond to my post is absolute comedic gold.

04/15/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Gildriel
You come to a video game forums, to tell everyone that you dont care about video games. You respond to countless posts, with the typical "I am better IRL" response. You are? You really are? You know, you're right. None of us know you. No one here has had any contact with you outside of these forums. and thats fine. I wont make assumptions about your life, unlike you have several times, but I can make all the assumptions about you based on the intelligence witnessed in your posts. So if you're going to apply

Actually, I come to these forums to waste time at work, and educate myself so I can become a better asset to my teamates when we play - and to be better player for myself. I don't care that you base your whole self worth around the WOW forums/game - I don't, it's simply entertainment for me.

to yourself, then that means the same applies to everyone else you're talking to. Unless you do know me, and I a unaware of it. But then that would be an example of

(I can only assume that you have investigated me, based on how you referenced two different posts in two different topics. That is a little creepy

and thats only referencing the forums. Just imagine how truly creepy it would be if you actually monitored our lives?

Notice I haven't recalled any other post where there was a conversation between us (or him)- if such a situation exists. I'm directing his attention (and now yours) to how unaware I am to you and any other "regular" posters here. Reading comprehension may not be your strong point.

04/15/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Gildriel
So you're all over the place with your garbage kid. You really need to settle down and clarify some things. If we cant make judgements about the horrendous being you are away from the computer, then you can't make judgements about who we are away from the computer.

Every judgement I've made about you thus far has been completely accurate.

Secondly, your entire childish attitude of

Why do you care what people who you've never met think about ME (another person you have never met) and why does that matter?

Let me tell you why people "we have never met" care what other people think. Because when you finally graduate high school, you'll find out that not everyone in the would is a giant douchebag. I'm not Buhbuhdin's friend, I don't know him outside of WoW, but hes another rational human being. He doesnt come to the forums to talk trash and try to gain some enjoyment out of it. And if I found out that he was murdered, I wouldnt just act like "LOL I DIDNT KNOW THAT GUY SO WHO CARES" because he's another human being. You clearly don't understand this concept, and won't understand it for some time until you undergo some mental maturing.

Once again, you're a great troll. Most trolls can't get me to respond, but you sir, you can get a response out of me. 8.5/10

I don’t understand how you can rationalize and assume I don’t value human life or that I’m somehow devoid of empathy and emotion. Sure I’m condescending, and generally dismissive, but I don’t wish badly on you or anyone else. I don’t care to know you outside the forum (especially with your attitude) and have no interest in you beyond the advice you can potentially provide me on the game play.

And I do take pride in my "trolling" skills, thanks. (That was sarcasm, another literary device I like to use)
Amuroraye, just stop, seriously. Walk away from the computer, turn it off if you have to. Just stop posting.
Who are you again? Mind your own business.
Mind your own business.

You're on a public forum here, bucko.

I bolded the important part. And here's a definition just in case.

You should probably check this word out while you at it -
Amur 2013
wow this thread got ugly fast... it was so promising to begin with too!

I ask you fellow pallys (pallies?) what talents do you consider to be best for 1v1?

Yes some are better agaisnt certain specs/classes, but overall what talents do you think are the best to be running out in the world incase you get jumped?

I've found Burden of Guilt to be better than fist against the majority of classes, the only two I can think of that I prefer fist, happen to be some of the hardest counters, which are Spriests and Locks. Apart from those two though, I'd say BoG>Fist in most cases.

Another one I've been trying lately and had good results with is Sacred Shield. I find it is better against classes that have a MS type effect and also against classes that have a lot of control. I always go back and forth between Selfless and SS and I can't decide which I like more for 1v1 (selfless for Bg's and 2's obviously) Haven't even touched Eternal Flame (I don't like the idea of that being stolen by a mage)

The other one I debate with quite often is HA vs Sanc. Wrath. I think if you are running with Fist HA is better because you can draw the trinket and then blow them up on the next fist. But for classes that have lots of CC or are able to escape stuns easily (DK, Mage) then Sanc Wrath is pretty strong. It is also great against classes we kite easily like warriors where you can burst them down from a distance and it lasts long enough to keep bursting them through second wind, and also good against classes that can kite us easily (hunter, mage)

so what talents/glyphs do you guys usually roll for 1v1?

I've kind of reached my own consensus about this after writing this with:
HA+Fist or BoG+S.Wrath
Dudes, this Amur guy is a troll and you are feeding him. He doesn't have anything meaningful to contribute, and will only put you in a circle-jerk of insults that will snowball into a closed thread.

The sad part is that this thread started off with some PHENOMENAL knowledge that I, personally, got a lot out of. I had to sigh when it devolved into this.

Certain people just need to be shunned for the good of mankind. (Paladinkind?)
Where's Hallmark when we need his dueling wisdom. D:
I cant give my personal experience with ret duels since Ive yet to hit 90 with this guy but I had a 85 ret back in cata and dominated almost everyone 1v1, well, that was also when wings were dispellable which was terrible. But I play a monk which is similar to ret in some ways and he beats on most people 1v1 using similar strats. I had a ret who actually knew what he was doing fight me 1v1 and the duel went on for like 20-30 minutes and he eventually won, was very surprised but he got me. All he did was burden kite me hard when he got low. Works better than most people think.
Thank you very much Gildriel for your tips, as this provided a lot of information for how to beat classes/specs I have problems with. Been playing only Ret since Wrath, and while I felt pretty solid during Cata, I took a hiatus and quickly forgot how to play my class apparently lol. Thanks again for all the help :D
Great post, particularly the Windwalker bit. I'd basically just sat about kiting them as best I was able. Works on the bad ones, fails spectacularly on the good ones.
monks might be the hardest, I rely on kiting most of the time and monks counter that instantly and do insane damage to me at the same time
You think WW are bad now? Oh, just you wait for 5.3

Ring of Peace BEGINS as a Blanket. Thats right. RoP comes out, and you're silenced for 3 seconds. Not only does it stop there, but Ring of Peace will now Blanket you on ANY spell cast. Not harmful. Need to freedom away? Nope, heres a nifty blanket silence, thanks for coming!

But it's a rarity, and monks are by far, my hardest counter.

Agreed! Cannot beat my monk friend. Refuse to duel him anymore. Pally anti-class.

I had a ret who actually knew what he was doing fight me 1v1 and the duel went on for like 20-30 minutes and he eventually won, was very surprised but he got me. All he did was burden kite me hard when he got low. Works better than most people think.

Kiting does not work against monks from my personal experience. They can out maneuver me 100 percent of the time.

**** UPDATE**** Just beat a monk in a duel :)

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