[A] Toosuto's Weekly ToT 10

Ello there!

I am putting together a weekly run, with the goal of getting ten very talented individuals to take down current and future content (normal and heroic). There has been a lack of progressive Cenarius pugs in a long time.... this will aim to change that.

First, the rules!

* Raids are Saturday and Monday (clean-up day if needed) from 7:00pm PST - 10:00 or 11:00pm PST. Invites start 15 minutes prior.
* Loot rules for the FIRST WEEK: ONE Main > OS. BOE and DE distributed at the end of raid each night. EACH WEEK AFTER: ONE Main > OS rolls, with priority going to regular raiders and those who show up and stick around each week.
* Bring your own consumables (flasks, food, ect.) REQUIRED to have a flask and food buff before each pull.
* Required to be on either Skype or Vent (will determine by raid time)

High level of experience in raiding and the proper gear is an absolute MUST!!! EVERYONE who signs up will be checked and ensured we have a proper run (NO PVP gear, ungemmed, bad specs, lack of achievements in raiding, ect.)

TO SIGN UP: Visit the run's Openraid page at http://openraid.us/r/92834 to sign up. Keep checking to see if you will be on the "Fab 10" or on reserve each week. (IF you are uncomfortable in copy/paste the link, can always message me in-game... but I prefer sign-ups thru Openraid)

Any questions or comments: Message me in-game (Toosuto or my alt, Fathertoast).

Hope to see you there!
Bump. Still looking for people to do weekly runs.

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