Capacitive Primal Diamond Meta Bug

Bug Report
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I am also receiving this bug, it isn't proccing whatsoever while beating on a dummy, 0 stacks gained.
Also happened to me just now.
Also just noticed this problem, was stuck at 3 stacks and couldn't receive any more, right clicked off the buff and haven't seen one proc since.
I am getting the same problem also
Confirmed, simply doesn't stack the buff at all
No procs at all, unlike last night's 100% chance from autoattacks.
Please fix this before raid.
Blizzard and their patch days.
Mine isn't working either.
Just to clarify, it's only the Capacitive Primal Diamond that is bugged
Broken for me too, was working last night. Stop screwing melee blizz!
Yeah seems the restart broke it :(

Other metas seem fine.
Weel dang I was hoping to have some fun in raid with it tonight. =(!

Fix it fast!
Fix this ASAP.
no wonder i was doing lower dmg than i usual does

just realize this when skada doesnt show 'lightning strike' as one of my total dmgs

tried attking dummy, 0 procs
Please fix this before raid.
I can only hope that they fix this soon.
Yeah If this isn't fixed by raid time I'm gonna have to change metas. Need that deeps for heroic modes.
Just got mine today, and...yeah no procs. Been sitting at the dummy for about an hour now and nothing. Of all things, they break the meta that will probably be the most used. *sigh*

Edit: Oh and...please fix this before raid. I dont want to have to go buy another meta just to do heroic modes tonight.

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