[A] <Cinnamon Challenge> (5/14H) LFDPS!

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Cinnamon Challenge (10m, Proudmoore – US) is looking to fill an opening on our raid team!

Due to Real Life happenings, we now find ourselves in need of a quality DPS as we prepare to push into Siege of Orgrimmar heroics.

We are in the market for:
a windwalker monk, DPS warrior, or DPS shaman of either flavor

(However, any exceptional applicant is welcome!)

Our current raid schedule is Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday, 5-9 pm (server time). The right person will have near perfect attendance and bring a goofball sense of humor and a willingness to constantly learn, improve, and contribute to the atmosphere of the guild. We do provide repairs, consumables, gems and enchants to our raiders, as well as a sweet tabard (and bank tabs!)

Want to know more? Look us up on the web at http://cinnamonchallenge.enjin.com, or PM Escorducarla (Escorducarla#1226), Lowmaine (Lowmaine#1845), or Skootalloo (Khosan#1876) in-game. *Please include a message with your btag request, or it may be declined.

(Please note that we are a friendly lot – unless you’re a raid boss – we’re also a pretty rowdy one at times, and we do ask that applicants be 18+)
Bumped with new recruitment needs.

We're losing our amazing WW to that jerk, Real Life. Need someone to try to fill his big panda...um...shoes.
Free loots for applicants that don't suck at murdering monsters and stealing their stuff! :D
Still looking for someone who likes rifling through dead monster's pockets for loose change and random purples.

Geez, you'd think we were looking for a healer or something. >.>
People actually WANT melee?

Did forums just go into the twilight zone
People actually WANT melee?

Did forums just go into the twilight zone

So THAT'S why I saw a gremlin on the wing of the plane.
Up you go!

Still looking for melee to give Thunderforged loots! :D
To the top with you!
Threads that are down here should be up top. /poke
Silly thread, stop falling down so much.
Silly thread, stop falling down so much.

Go home thread. You are drunk.
Hey there,

Though on my former server I am main spec tank at ilvl 526. I have a 522 spec that puts out decent numbers (in the range of 115-120k). I've got experience with 12/12 Normal and 1/12 Heroic. Would a Frost DK or Blood DK fit your comp?
Hi Zerathel,

Unfortunately, we already have a Frost DK and two tanks, so we're not really in the market for either of those positions.

We appreciate your interest though, and if anyone mentions to us that they're looking, we'll be sure to pass your name on. :)

Good luck with your search!
bumping to give a good home to Windwalkers, Rogues or Ret Paladins :D
Hey, what's this thread doing all the way down here? /bumps
Fun group! /bump
Bump bump bump

Give us a rogue, ww or ret paladin or give us death
a rogue you say?
I might be interested
Ooh, a stabby person. Hit one of us up in-game, and we'll chat.

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