In the upcoming patch, can we get the Gladiator achievement updated to include titles earned in Burning Crusade?

It now reads "Earn the Gladiator title in an arena season."

Clearly those with the BC drake feats of strength have done this. Seems like an easy, logical fix.
I agree, very easy as I have gladiator and do not have this achievement for some reason. Yet they gave me my old raiding achievements. Consistency much? /s
I agree Valleska, I too would like to see this resolved. Many old retroactive achievements applied for me too but not this one!
Agree with this thread 100%.

Season 2 glad here(feat of strength is there to prove it)... stopped Pvping in Wrath when achievements came out and never got credit for my arena achievements in BC while many other pvp, PvE and misc. achievements did get counted.
Came back from BC, suprised to see that I don't have a Glad achievement yet I have the Vengeful Netherdrake from S3.
I never got gladiator (duelist 4 life here :( ) but I agree this is ridiculous. did any of you talk to a GM ingame about this? they sometimes award achievements that are bugged.

edit: what about the 2400/2700 achievements that were added later on? afaik there's people with history of 2600 3s statistics but no 2400 achievement
Im pretty sure it was this way for all pvp achievements. I remember when the chieves first came out, my statistics had me well over 100 wsg victories, but I didn't have the chieve for it.
Season 1 and season 2 glad here with the new LFG tool having this achievement would help a lot.

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