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I am currently trying to use the auction house to sell some items. I have no problem logging into the app itself but when i select what items I'd like to sell and press the "sell" button, it asks for me to log in again. I reenter my password and nothing happens so it ends up timing out.

From that point i back out if the auction house section of the app to retry entering and the app asks me to relog. When trying to relog into the app, i get a message saying my account had been locked due to suspicious activity.

I have changed my password 5 times now because of this.

Is this a problem with the app or am i just having bad luck?

(i do have sms protection activated but no authenticator)

Thank you for any help.
Same problem, after logging in on the wow armory app i have to reset password since my account locks after getting on and off the app, does anyone know why this happens?
I just installed the Mobile Armory app a few days ago, and have had to reset my account password 3 times now. I did find out that if you have the Mobile Authenticator app on your device, (and linked to your WoW account) that the Armory app will detect it and let you import a authentication code instead of auto locking your account.
We've posted a solution to our CS forum here:

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