Stormwind Ganking Guide For Rogues By Jiric:c

Hello fellow rogues. :c
I will be releasing a guide on how to gank in Stormwind city.
PS: Will update if i find more.

If you want to travel around the city without flying and risk getting shot outta the sky by Gryphon Riders..

1. Use The Canals, I would say they are the best for getting around the City without having to worry about
Guards or other players.

2.Sneak around in stealth and sap any Guards; that come 2 close. (Very risky.. because you can either get caught
by a player or you get caught by a stealth detecting guard)

3.Use your Mount to get on buildings and travel by building jumping (Pretty safe as stealth detecting guards won't
see you or the Gryphon Riders.)

4.Go to a certain height where gryphon can't reach and just look for a spot where you wanna go (Check your
surroundings for other gryphons when your going down.)

5.Coming Soon

6.Coming Soon

7.Coming Soon

Places where you can lose Aggro from guards/Get Away from players.

1.Use the Stormwind Stockades Instance Gate.

2.Use the Deeprun Tram Instance Gate.
BUT! be warned.. this could save your life... but also kill you because players can follow you inside
plus. it's where the Alliance's Brawl'gar Arena is located.. if your lucky no 1 is waiting for you on the other side.

3.The Canals
You can use lose aggro from guards if you swim alittle away from where he spawned or was standing at/walking.

4.The Slaughtered Lamb.
There's a warlock den if you keep running down, but if you want to lose aggro; run all the way to the bottom
as they don't follow you that far.

5.For Quick Get-Aways, go to these locations and use Nitro-boots and Parachute Off the land into the water to lose aggro from guards
and players. (Also go stealth well in parachute so you don't aggro more guards.

6.The Wizard's Sanctum.
This spot is suicide almost..
when i was there.. at least 10 alliance had teleported there with 5 mins.
but the good thing is, guards won't respawn there.. but it's a HIGH HIGH chance of a alliance teleporting there
and seeing you killing the guard...

7.These are some corners i know that "might" lose aggro. If you get aggro from ganking someone at the gank then run over there. (Gryph Of sprint helps) If you get aggro from ganking someone in the training dummy area then run over here to this corner.

8.Above the Trade District Bank
Run Off into the forest

9.Coming Soon

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12.Coming Soon

I will be adding more spots when i find them; PLEASE tell me spots so i can add them to the list<3
Next is Good ganking spots.

1.The Slaughtered Lamb.

2.The Wizard's Sanctum.

3.Near Deeprun Tram Instance Gate

4.Near Stormwind Stockades Instance Gate.

5.Inside The Deeprun Tram.

6.Training Dummy Area.

7.Stormwind Gate.

8.Tallest Point in stormwind; Fun fact if you kill someone up there, they are forced to get Rez sickness as they can't get there body back.

9.Mini Tower; Same as Number 8 i'm quessing.

10.Near the Stormwind Harbor or near the ocean Ledges.

11.Stormwind Harbor Ship Holder.

13.Above the Trade District bank
This Spot is very good for ganking lowbies because you can kill someone with throw or what ever then run off into the forest on the left of the picture and you lose aggro from guards.

14.Coming Soon

15.Coming Soon

16.Coming Soon

Always remember to have fun and give the alliance h3ll.
I will add more stuff to this if i find more-Jiric

Extra Stuff:
If you want Extra Items to gank with; go to this post. <-- Credits goes to Tantojutsu

PS:I would record this into a Video but my pc isn't the best for that type of stuff so sorry :c.
More info. I think I will try and become a ghost there. But it will result in a lot of my deaths till I figure this out. I think 2 weeks of straight dieing here should be enough to get it right.
OKAY then. Stagnetti, from Kil'Jaedon, challenged my authority on ganking. Long story short here is some footage of me in SW. A couple guildies are with me from time to time. Even a hunter. As I am an officer in an all stealthing guild I had to represent. I did not one time die over the week it took to get this footage.

I am the WORST editor in the history of fraps'ers but if you are into SW ganking this is it. Part of the challenge issued was to not use The Stocks. So its purposely not featured here. I used a lot of the above guide and a friend of my, Gargol, showed me around town and a few tricks.

I mainly used the front area, the water under the bridge at the gate. But I did use a spot in the Dwarf District and of course the Portal Area. I used the Tram one time specifically for the footage. And, as mentioned above, The Canals are so important. I also used a phase trick out the front gate once, for the vid.

Engineering is a MUST. My advice, use both the Rocket Boots (which is a stat loss yes, but its better to get away than do 2% more dmg imo) and instead of the Nitro Boost use the Water Jets on your belt. A: Never fails and B: You do a seirous amount of swimming. Also, burst is key. Guards swarm, you dont wanna spend more than 10 seconds on a target. To mass stun the guards use Cobalt Frag Bombs.

Any music being played is from Pandora. If I was not on vent I was not in group. So I had some toons running.

Any questions hit me up on Kil'Jaedon.


Enjoy, and again, sorry about poor editing.

EDIT: There are a couple places in the Mage District I missed that are real nice. Ill keep an eye out and do more later.
I'll take requests too. If I think it wont get me caught.
Also, if you get caught by only a few guards, just kill them. You can go back to stealth quickly and without attracting too much attention. Be careful of the named guards, they can see through stealth, and please don't try to pickpocket the faction leaders.

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