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so this is mainly to do with couple things in Xmog, I mean they are doing great things with it, like invisible shoes, or xmog with similar animation and slot, but there are a couple other features I'd love to see added, things like turning on or off weapon enchantments, having enchantments on weapons carry over when the look is copied(Ie. having the fiery weapon chant on hellreaver carry over to the weapon you are using), the ability to make the shirt of your armor(mainly for clothies trying t get Whitemane's look) turn into the tabard flap over your pants and lastly the ability to hide certain armor parts, like the left or right pauldron, I think features like these would pull transmogrification to a whole new level, n lets face it Xmog is a massive part of wow now. hell I had someone pst me today saying my xmog was too easy to get hold of and I should change it.........

but enough ranting, these are some things I'd really love to see happen, what do you guys think?
I agree - I also think that you should be able to 'downgrade' a transmog - plate should be able to transmog mail, mail > leather, leather > cloth. One reason this has been annoying me is the Scarlet set, which I would love on my pally, but as it's a mail set, I cannot transmog it :( Also, there are some sexy cloth sets I like but again, cannot go leather > cloth which is frustrating.
I personally think downgrade transmogging is a dangerous slippery slope. they used to have it in Aion, and I loved it, having my Gladiator running around in dainty little mage gear looking all girly and frilly was fun, but that said it made pvp a hell of alot harder, you couldn't size up a player without mousing over them you know?, where as you can fairly easily tell plate gear from mail ect with the current system. though I'd love to use leather Eye patches on my DK or mage
Oh ikr, but to me, that's the fun! Or, have it that transmog gets autostripped in PvP (but that might be too much hard work for them).

I'm currently looking forward to dressing my lock up like a priest - I think it's some of the best part of the game! ;P

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