need texture names for Challenge images

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on the challenge mode frame, what are the names of the textures for gold, silver and bronze?


btw... is there a way to list the name of the texture under the mouse, similar to /fstack gives the list of frames
There are three different sizes for each medal: 256x256, 128x128 and 64x64.




btw... is there a way to list the name of the texture under the mouse, similar to /fstack gives the list of frames

I don't think there is. You could write a small script to iterate over the results of Frame:GetRegions() and print the names of all the textures though.
thanks, that's exactly what i needed (see here: )

on a side note, i've looked into using GetRegions to traverse the textures attached to a frame, and i'm at a loss how they go together. i see a series of objects but i see no way to determine if they are textures.

i was thinking of finding a way to attach to fstack and popping up a side tooltip with the list of textures associated with the frame under the mouse. that might be a bit more to chew, but it'd be very nice to have (/beg to any blizz devs out there ;)
region:GetObjectType() will be "Texture" if the region is a texture.

/run local m,E,e,f=GetMouseFocus(),EnumerateFrames,function(f)for _,r in pairs({f:GetRegions()})do if r:IsVisible()and MouseIsOver(r)and r:GetObjectType()=="Texture"then print(r:GetName(),r:GetTexture()) end end end e(m)f=E(m)while f do e(f) f=E(f)end

will print the texture name/path of every texture region from GetMouseFocus() enumerated down.

But if you get something like XNView and extract the UI art it's pretty trivial to find any UI art in the game. Unless it's buried in the 10k+ icon folder.

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