[A] <Rakkenheid> wPvP Strike Force

Bleeding Hollow
<Rakkenheid> of US-Bleeding Hollow is now recruiting all classes for World PvP, Rated Battlegrounds*, and Arenas.

Why Rakkenheid?

Rakkenheid is comprised of veterans of the MMORPG genre, with leadership having 10+ years of MMORPG guild leadership experience. We are committed to providing a lax, enjoyable PvP experience for our members. We recently have transferred from US-Dragonmaw to US-Bleeding Hollow in an effort to reinforce our goal of providing a solid PvP experience. We have players from WoW beta, Warhammer Online, The Old Republic, Guild Wars 1&2, League of Legends, etc.

Is Rakkenheid casual or hardcore?

Rakkenheid is comprised of mostly casual members, playing daily. Our primary audience is high school and college males between 16-24. This demographic does lend itself to a large amount of non-family oriented talk in our Mumble server, so please keep that in mind. If you're looking for a guild where you can chill, socialize, and have some great small group world PvP, we're the guild for you.

Do you guys play at high ratings in Arenas/RBGS?

We're not a guild of 2200+ only players, we have a mix of some former high-rated players, but mostly we're aiming for low to mid MMR players looking to relax, have fun, and PvP on a daily basis. If you're a high rated player looking for a top-shelf PvP guild, I'd advise you look elsewhere as we're honestly not able to provide a hardcore ranked environment.

How active is Rakkenheid?

As we've just transferred to Bleeding Hollow within the last week, we're currently rebuilding our core, and are sitting at around 10 daily active members. Players interested in being on the ground floor of establishing a tight-knit PvP community would be right at home with us. If you are looking to be carried in PvP, look elsewhere.

*If you're interested in mid MMR RBGs but are not a member of Rakkenheid or Bleeding Hollow, we're still interested in hearing from you. We're looking for a Warlock, Mage, Healer, and Frost DK (target caller) to flesh out our team.

TLDR: If you're looking for a laid-back small group PvP guild, give us a shot! At the very least you'll end up on Bleeding Hollow, the top US world PvP server.

Add Battletag DininEresse#1211 if interested!
I joined Rakkenheid during Guild Wars 2 and came back with them to WoW and I can say that this is the type of gaming community I've been happy to be a part of. If you join Rakkenheid, you won't just play WoW with us, you will likely play a variety of games with us.

Most of us just play WoW. There's a few of us that play LoL, even fewer who play BF3, but 99.9% of the time we're all on WoW.

Currently our daytime activity is 3-5 members, nights are 8-12 online and in Mumble.
Welcome to the server please join our joint Alliance PvP channel. /join AlliancePvP
Thanks for the welcome!

We definitely have done our research before transferring (almost made the mistake of going to Kil'Jaeden) and look forward to working with <flag> and others in PvP.
We had some great PvP tonight after IWC left IoT. Hour and a half of 5 vs 5,10,15 ending with Alliance pulling together to kill Nalak and fend off Horde at the same time.

Keep us in mind if you're looking for small group PvP! We enjoy using things like Kirin Tor Construct pulls and empowering wards to fight back against larger numbers.
Enjoying this server.
More to transfer soon, but in the meantime:

Fred's <Rakkenheid> PvP Video
welcome have fun ;)
Giving my new guild a bump. Just joined Rakkenheid and everyone was very welcoming and laid back, which is tough to find. The "small group world pvp" yesterday in IoT was probably the most fun I've had in a while since I'm coming from an unbalanced pvp server.
Nothing wrong with guilds being selective about who they accept. Guilds are teams, and if you want to only be a part of the team only when it benefits you than they have a right to remove you.
Bump for you guys
Roh is my hero
hey kagernak remember when they all voted and kicked you from the bobsled team?
Hey usmokerags you were missing from the forums yesterday after all that excitement in Stormwind.

What happened?

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