Sometimes i like to heal while i dps

UI and Macro
Hey- i am having trouble with a macro- the intent of which is thus.

When i press the button, if my target is an ally i cast a spell (in this cast power word shield) on that target, but if my target is an enemy it casts on that enemy's target.

I want it to minimize the time between divine insight procs and me using them on the tank in burst phases. i would prefer to avoid a focus macro.

so far i have something like
/cast [help] power word: shield; [harm] @targettarget power word: shield
your @targettarget needs to go inside brackets.

/cast [help][@targettarget] power word: shield
wouldn't that try to cast at my targeted ally's target? ie- the boss?
No. The help condition is before targettarget and only the first true condition is followed, ignoring all subsequent conditions.

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