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Hi i was referred here after submitting a ticket earlier, I'd like to mention a ongoing problem persisting since i started using the Mobile Armory application in definition 5.2.1

On occasion after logging out of the Mobile Armory, I'll return to it hours later reopen the application and it will proceeded to log me in without password entry I'm unsure if this is intended but it doesn't appear to do so consistently, the "Remember log in" option is not selected, i've uninstalled and reinstalled the application and the problem seems to persist.
This is something we are aware of, but that we spent time in minimizing. It's still possible it can happen but much less frequently. I encountered it once this month over the course of testing the app in multiple regions and multiple accounts, so I can confirm it happens -- I'm just not certain why it's happening to you so frequently.

Can you provide me with the following information:

  • Device model
  • OS version
  • Network carrier
  • How often is "on occasion"? On a per login basis.

"on occasion" being once or twice daily regardless of if I've logged in to the application that day.

Will this bug be any cause for concern security wise? I'm not in the situation that I'm handing my phone out to anyone, but primarily account security is my reason for worrying about the armory application logging in without password.
No, this isn't a cause for concern, it's just a somewhat annoying bug. Not horrible, just odd -- and it affects me on occasion, as well, but my "on occasion" is once every, I dunno, couple weeks. (And I switch between A LOT of different accounts.)

This behavior should only happen during a session in which you have logged in; if you forceclose the app after logging out, this shouldn't happen. Although I've never encountered this issue if I unchecked "Remember log in" before I log out. If you uncheck it after logging out, I could see how the app may not honor that during the session when the defect occurs. (I'll test around this behavior.)

To avoid this scenario after logging out of the app and unchecking "Remember log in", I suggest forceclosing the application and then relaunching it. I assume you're encountering this because you're logging in with multiple accounts?
I'm only using the mobile armory application with one account and one phone(Excluding one log in i made on my old phone) but i have been allowing the mobile armory application to run in the background.

I've not had "remember login" selected at any time.
Have you noticed any patterns with the last state you were in before logging out and placing the app into the background task list?

For example, "Chatting in guild chat and then switching to a whisper right before pressing the menu button and tapping the Logout button." Or even more a generalized "While using the auction house primarily, but occasionally from Guild Chat."
I'll often if not always be on my character profile before pressing the menu button and logging out, additionally the state the application will be in when the defect occurs is logged in with the menu open.

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