LFRiday! : Community Day & Giveaway

If you are one of many members of the Community that runs that good ol'LFR weekly to get all dem phat epics, but keeps having to deal with going in solo and dealing with all the disorganized and unled fail that can occur; then you are in luck champion!

Every Friday (Sometimes Thursday depending on raid nights) I do a new Weekly Stream called LFRiday which is where I run LFR with Fans, Friends, Crisp mains/alts and also do my $20 Dinner Giveaway called BBYD [Bay Buys YOU Dinner] and so far the past few weeks I have done it were super painless, quick and fun.

Makes your Friday evening a whole lot more enjoyable to not take 4+ hours in LFR, so you can get out to that movie, club, or whatnot. And maybe even with some food on me. Not actually on me, like eating it off me. I'm not some rich Japanese business man who eats food off women. Even though...

So! All you have to do since you are already ON Baelgun, is check the times I do this which is posted on my Facebook.com/BayWoW and be in the chat room and let me know you want to join! Granted, space is limited. And I only ask to be in the Stream if you can so that we can communicate and I don't have to type out paragraphs of information to everyone. Also neckbeard.

If you are not on Baelgun, or have friends off server that could tag along, just let me know so I can get assists out and you can RealID them into the group no problems.

Thanks everyone!

Obligatory informational bottom part of post:
Bay I think we should have an ugly hat dinner party, just sayin
Only if I can wear those socks you told me to throw away.
I don't care that they have holes in them. They are damned comfy!
As long as they dont detract from the ugly hats!
I am both a fan and patron of ugly hats.
I should rename LFRiday to #UglyHatSwagYoloParty
i bearly made it! phew...can join ugly hat party?

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