Xuen PvP Macro Help

So I'm having some trouble with Xuen in arena......

I click him while targeting the enemy i want him to attack , He goes out there for like 2 seconds does 2 attacks and comes rite back to me or to a lock pet mage water ele ETC....
" i should add that when i do summon him i do use CJL on the target "

I know he can do this if the target burns a vanish ice block etc.... but he swaps targets if i get attacked or if i CC a target he goes after them "completely swaps targets" and breaks my Para.

I've also seen him say hey that target is LoS I'm gona swap to a another player >.<

He has no pet bar from what i can see. so is there any way to make a macro so that he attacks my partners target all the time? please help or suggestions ?
No. Xuen attacks your target.
then why is he going passive attking pets n switching targets for no reason and yes it happens even when the target isnt "vanishing" etc

and yes i am attking a target with CJL when and after i summon him
Probably his garbage AI. Without a pet bar you can't control him.

p.s. tell infamous I said hi
Yeah, our cat is a retard. Nothing you can really do about it tbh

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