10 man guild recruiting 2 dps for core.

Bleeding Hollow
<Murloc Uprising> is a newly formed level 25 guild recruiting for 10 man current content. Most of our members were in a guild together until a few weeks ago our leader mysteriously disappeared, so we had to form our own guild. We were 1/16H 16/16N, 2/12 before our leader vanished.We are looking for ilvl 495+ applicants for serious Throne of Thunder progression.

We will have a fair looting system in place. We are looking for applicants who are determined and relentless in achieving progression,who read the Dungeon Journal and watch videos to prepare ahead for the encounters. No cry babies or rage quitters. Also plan on running some pvp content and alt raid runs. We have a reasonable raid leader that can confidently lead us though ToT and beyond and you have me handling the planning and recruitment aspects. We use some strong language so be forewarned.

We are raiding at 9:30 to 12:30 EST/Server Time Tuesday through Thursday and having Sunday and Monday as clean up days and 5.1 heroic progression as needed.

Also plan on doing all kinds of xmog runs and other content for fun as well as creating a haven for more casual players to have things to do and be able to receive help from well geared, experienced raiders.

Currently have the following spots filled in our line up

514 Fire Mage
506 Elemental Shaman
504 Beast Master/ Survival Hunter
504 Mist Weaver Monk/ WW Offspec
507 Blood Death Knight
494 Prot Paladin
499 Resto Druid
495 Holy Paladin

We require the following classes for our raid comp.

Leather Dps(Prefer a Rogue)
Plate DPS (Prefer Fury Warrior or Ret Pally)

We are also recruiting members for a future second raid team that anyone can join since many of us have alts that we want to raid at a non progressive rate. If anyone is interested in more casual raiding or leveling feel free to contact me as well.
Bump for 4 more to go
Bump for 2 tanks
still recruiting a rogue??
Spot is still open i will try contacting you in game I suggest you try the same.
Bump for 3 to go
Lulz for guild name (I remember back in the vanilla days when there was an Alliance guild with this very same name).
Thank you :)

Hopefully it lasts awhile before the censor !@#$s change it.
Bump for raid times set as 930-1230 server tuesday, wednesday, thursday. With sunday and monday as optional clean-up and 5.1 heroics days.
Bump for 495+ applicants
Bump for 1 more healer to go and update
Bump for 1 more dps needed.
Bump for forced guild name change

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