Continue the monk or move to dk?

So the question is fairly simple. I leveled the monk and had a great time. I haven't played in 5.2 and a friend is asking me to move on to a dk to play with her resto shaman. I find both classes fun in their own way, but given the fact i haven't played any serious pvp since TBC I thought i might want help choosing.

I tend to play dps specs (WW and UH) in pvp. A few things I'm interested in is the survivability, dmg, and utility of each and how they compare.

Let me know your opinions and experiences with each as you have played or played against.
In advance thanks for you input.
my main is DK till this expansion which is Monk (both are lvl 90s and fully pvp geared)

dk - PopcornchLnk

monk - Popcornchikn

i got bored and went to play my DK for awhile but in the end..DK lack CC and mobility

while monk can do both and actually do even more DMG if u play correctly
uh is supposed to be pretty good, and you can do rbgs on your dk, and find some arena teams a lot easier.

If you want to play monk in pvp, you have to make your friends sacrifice to play with you, because they could be playing better comps..

But if you have a r shaman friend.. all you need is a spriest for some tai chi cleave:D

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