In hopes for help...Advancing my guild!

I'd really like to advance my guild in mostly PvP and occasionally PvE.
My determination to get level 25 with some people who enjoy PvP more then PvE, but still wants to progress in both is hard to explain when recruiting players.

My issues I am facing are:
  • A lot of people just want a level 25 guild.
  • There is only me and another person in my guild, so when they see no one online they leave.
  • I dont know what else i can offer besides going broke on paying members every week to get my guild going.

So it is very hard to recruit players, who are genuinely interested. I have been levelling from level 1 by myself and besides the other person in my guild, not one person has shown genuine interest in joining my now level 7 guild with 6 bank tabs and free repairs.

Am I doing something wrong?
How do you get players interested in joining your guild and advancing?
Raid and Guild Leadership board would be better suited for this question.

Thing is - I don't think PvP really contributes to guild levels, unless they change something I missed. Also, some (maybe most) see PvP and PvE as 2 separate entities and rarely engage in both if not necessary. I personally don't PvP often unless I need to for a holiday achievement.

The level 25 guild is definitely a challenge, some people want all the reward with no effort.

If there's not that many people online, you have to make your guild seem like a welcoming place. When someone joins, do you greet them? Is there chat among any guild members that are online? Or do you invite them and no one say anything? We can sometimes get people to stay, even if we only have 2 or 3 on at the time just by being warm.

There are people out there that would prefer a small, friendly level 7 guild over a big, "everyone's a number" level 25 guild. Just like some people prefer shopping at the local mom and pop store over Walmart. Sure it may take longer for the smaller store to get noticed, but people like them because they take time and get to know you more.
The hardest part is getting people to stay.
On the Skywall server its finding the people who want a lower level guild. My guild, Death Squadron, is a level 10 guild with about 15 members and a ton of alts. We are mainly a leveling guild with the raids, pvp, pve as well. At this moment we rock out the dungeons easily are getting to do the scenarios and gearing up for raid. My 90 is gearing up for pvp as to hopefully get rbgs going. 2 out of 10 invited people, whether by trade chat announcements or by using SGI (super guild invite no more than 3 a week) accept to join the guild. Our core guild group is very friendly and on the weekends we have been offering help to level low level toons if they want.
With that said have you tried getting some achieves out of the way? With professions any MoP item (instant noodle for cooking) are 2 achieves. They count for MoP and Cata achieves which rocks. Add to the fact that if at 90 you make Banquets and drop them you get 3 achieves for that. 2 for making and 1 for dropping the feast. Also Im finding it is hard to get people to level their profs after reaching 600. If you can get the "rare" (Rep based Klaxxi, MF, etc) recipes its easy to make a ton of money as well as get the name out. The 36 gem bag - recipe of Molten Front - is currently selling for 2500G on Skywall AH.
I think your only option is to mass guild invite spam till your guild level is respectable. Unfortunately, this pisses off a lot of people, probably because they don't know you can block random guild invites. Kind of a lose-lose situation.

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