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Welcome to the Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #13 Thread, where your gear is scaled down and the purples don't matter.
The guy making the thread actually reads the OP this time around edition.

I'd just like to remind everyone that mentioning these threads in your local trade chat, to friends, guildies, in livestream chats, etc., it helps build the community here. There are constantly people cycling in, but there are also those of us that are done and leaving.
Keep the threads alive by advertising us!

Throw out some posts like this one to advertise
"Interested in Bronze, Silver, or Gold Challenge Mode runs? Check out the 'Cross Realm Challenge Mode Finder' thread over on the Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios section of the Official WoW Forums."

That being said, for new folk.
Check out for general Challenge Mode info, and Challenge Mode Gold run guides; or search for runs on YouTube to get a general idea of the instances.
General requirements are Buff consumables (Stat food, Flasks, Stat Potions), as well as Lesser Invisibility Potion / Invisibility Potion when pushing for Silvers/Gold, voice communication, and some time to dedicate to the runs. If you're pushing for Silver or Gold, it might take some time. Just be willing/able to give it your attention for a while.

When posting to look for a group, mention a few things.
Such as,
Horde or Alliance
Times when you're available
Which instances / Medals you're looking for
Experience in Challenge Modes / other creditable things
Your Battletag
An armory to the toon you plan to run with (If not posting from that toon)
Overall, it'll probably look something like this,
2/9 Gold - 1/9 Silver - 6/9 Bronze & 2400 Arena exp & 2/16H exp
Horde Protection Warrior looking to do:
Gold Scholomance
Gold Mogu'shan Palace
Gold Gate of the Setting Sun
Silver Siege of Niuzao Temple
Bronze Scarlet Halls
I can run any Mon-Fri 5pm-midnight EST
Add my BTag, Words#1111

Don't be afraid to add people from the thread and make your own group! They won't bite, I promise.
After all, someone has to be the guy or gal to start invites.

Good luck to those still finishing up, and to those here who are just starting.

Old thread:
Looking at getting my 5th toon finished off.

Am currently 9/9 on my MW Monk, Disc Priest, Resto Shaman & Resto Druid.


Alliance Holy Pally LFG.
Currently 1/9 Golds

  • SPM completed
  • Available all day.

    [H] Fury SMFury Warrior

    8/9 Gold, 1/9 Silver.
    Looking for a Scarlet Monastery Gold run.

    Have Flasks, Invis Pots, and 300 Food.

    Add me at Shadun#1118.
    498ilvl WW Monk. High dps, high awareness and again have completed 9/9 GOLD on a Rogue already.
    Have flasks and pots etc can supply feasts
    Anytime is good for me

    [Horde] Destruction Warlock

    Looking for a group to get all Gold medals with. Honestly have little experience personally inside challenge modes, although I am a quick learner.

    Have flasks, potions/ Invisibility potions, can bring feasts.
    No restrictions on day/time really, I'm sure we can work that part out.

    (Also have a friend Elemental Shaman, Oogand on Executus and a Mistweaver Monk Thuugg on Executus who are interested.)

    Battle.tag is: Thilann#1324
    [Horde] Ret Pally

    Looking for group for golds,i have feasts and pots also have done 9/9 on my shaman looking to clear on my pally.

    right now i am 3/9 gold
    Battle tag Force#1405
    Elemental/Enhancement Shaman
    4/9 Gold - Shado-Pan/SM/Jade Serpent/Siege
    Looking for Gold runs
    Have consumables
    Available tonight until 12:30AM
    [A] Frost Mage
    currently 7/9 Gold

    looking for:
    Scarlet Halls
    Stormstout Brewery

    available now! have all consumables and know all the pulls for each instance.
    battletag: Joe#11993
    Resto Druid
    2/9 Silver / 1/9 Gold Exp - Looking For Silver / Gold Runs
    Watched All the Challenge Mode Video's
    Have Flask / Potions Ready for use
    Send me a battletag for my schedule
    Have 6th,7th,11th, and 12th off This Week
    Online Now!!

    498 Guardian or 504 Boomkin

    Skilled player who has been in hardcore progression raiding guilds since vanilla all the way up to the end of cata. Not really interested in hardcore raiding this expansion, but challenge modes interest me.

    Open to constructive criticism and learning.

    4/9 Gold (SH, SSB, SM, MSP), 3/9 Silver, 1/9 Bronze

    Always come prepared, and have all necessary consumables, addons, vent/skype, etc.


    Hit me up if you need a tank or boomy.

    7/9 Gold Resto Shaman

    LF Siege & Stormstout Brewery GOLDs

    Have Pots/Flasks/Food

    Available Now

    Horde Cross Realm Challenge Modes is Currently in Search of a DEDICATED Blood DK to run Challenge Modes with.

    What I need from you is;

    Blood DK

    Dedication to Group

    All necessary items needed for CMS, Potions Etc.

    Gear Above 463 (All enchanted and Gemmed)

    If you are interested add Noonah#1406

    If you're wondering, the group composition is WW Monk, Combat Rogue, Frost Mage, Disc Priest, and obviously Blood DK, being you. If you have questions or anything else feel free to add my battletag.
    [H] Fury SMFury Warrior

    8/9 Gold, 1/9 Silver.
    Looking for a Scarlet Monastery Gold run.

    Have Flasks, Invis Pots, and 300 Food.

    Add me at Shadun#1118.
    Available right now.
    Beast Mastery Hunter
    2/9 Gold; however, I know the fights and have all consumables and invis pots.
    Available all week and weekends for 2 weeks.


    *Looking for all besides SSB and temple of jade*

    Hunters armory:

    I'll be on for about 3 more hours
    lf l33t dps (hunter or mage pref) for sm gold

    Assassination Rogue
    1/9 Gold
    Have read, watched and come to a full understanding of the strats and when to use invis pots.
    Have all consumables needed including invis pots and polyformic acid.
    Have mic and am willing to Skype/Vent.
    Online right now, will be on late tonight, i can be online almost any day CST
    Battletag = Noj#1175
    Horde - Restoration - Druid - 512 ilvl
    9/9 Silver
    7/9 Gold
    Need Siege and Monastery
    Available for the next 8 hours
    Horde Mage LFG Bronze anything. Teelo#1968
    8/9 GOLD Dps lf Stormstout Brewery! Last one!!

    Have lots of exp in Stormstout and know strats.

    Add me: Kirros#1672

    On all night.

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