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BM/MW monk LF golds. 9/9 exp tanking.

Need SSB, SPM, Scholo and GotSS.


9/9 Gold Holy paladin
1/9/ Gold Warlock looking to get more out of the way.

Fully stocked on flasks / pots / food
Know all challenge modes

Lemme know you want challenge modes when you send the request.

B-tag: freamz#1431
8/9 Elemental shaman looking to clean up last gold medal. Was realm first shaman on Gorefeind before xfering horde.

Still Need:
Shadow-pan Monastery

Have full consumables and ready to go at any time

Add Btag Twitch#1832
Looking to get into a CM group. Destro lock.

Have everything needed.

Unavailable Monday - Thursday from 9-12 EST.

BTAG = captiv#1751
511 Blood DK 6/9 Gold LF SSB, SM, SPM

has done research including aftermath videos (blood DK PoV)

has all consumables ready!

on all day/night

[H] Fury SMFury Warrior

8/9 Gold, 1/9 Silver.
Looking for a Scarlet Monastery Gold run.

Have Flasks, Invis Pots, and 300 Food.

Add me at Shadun#1118.
Available now. Just looking for SM before heading off for the night.
Holy pally Looking for Challenge modes group 1/9 Silver just starting add me to battle tag okori#1968
Have 4/9 Gold
Alliance Assassination Rogue ilvl 513
Have all 3 Ahead of the Curve achievements and Cutting Edge Will
Looking for gold in:
-Mogu'shan Palace
-Scarlet Halls
-Shado-Pan Monastery
-Stormstout Brewery
Have Pots, flasks, and food
I can run any Sat-Wed 1pm-midnight PST
Add my BTag, Chubos#1465
Horde Holy Paladin LF 9/9 CM gold. Have 9/9 on 3 other characters, also have world record times in Scarlet Halls, Jade Serpent, and Shado Pan. I can perform more than admirably and my knowledge of these dungeons is almost sad.


Arms/Prot (pref arms) Warr looking to knock out some CMs today with a competent group.

Have consumables and ready to go.

Add me, Hellbent#1643
Looking for All Gold Challenge Runs
ilvl 502 Disc Priest
Have Pots/Flask/Food
Available Now & mostly the whole day, just PM me!
Resto shaman 508ilvl 3/9 golds LFG gold shado-pan monastery will be on all afternoon. I have all consumables just add me at zestydads#1209
Beast Mastery Hunter
2/9 Gold; however, I know the fights and have all consumables and invis pots.
Available all week and weekends for 2 weeks.


*Looking for all besides SSB and temple of jade*

Hunters armory:

I'll be on for most of the day
Horde Cross Realm Challenge Modes is Currently in Search of a DEDICATED Blood DK and a Frost Mage to run Challenge Modes with.

What I need from you is;

Blood DK
Frost Mage

Dedication to Group

All necessary items needed for CMS, Potions Etc.

Gear Above 463 (All enchanted and Gemmed)

If you are interested add Noonah#1406

If you're wondering, the group composition is WW Monk, Combat Rogue, Frost Mage, Disc Priest, Blood DK. If you have questions or anything else feel free to add my battletag.
[H] Fury SMFury Warrior

8/9 Gold, 1/9 Silver.
Looking for a Scarlet Monastery Gold run.

Have Flasks, Invis Pots, and 300 Food.

Add me at Shadun#1118.
Available now.
497 spriest, 9/9 gold experience

my mage:

I have all consumables ready to go. Pyrogenic#1650. Will be available almost all day today.
Horde ele sham
4/9 gold exp
Need SSB, MSP, SM and SPM but willing to help with a few others.
Available weekends all day, weekdays at night
2250 pvp exp
Good communicator
pro cc's
You know u want me qt ;)
498 Guardian or 504 Boomkin

Skilled player who has been in hardcore progression raiding guilds since vanilla all the way up to the end of cata. Not really interested in hardcore raiding this expansion, but challenge modes interest me.

Open to constructive criticism and learning.

4/9 Gold (SH, SSB, SM, MSP), 3/9 Silver, 1/9 Bronze

Always come prepared, and have all necessary consumables, addons, vent/skype, etc.


Hit me up if you need a tank or boomy.
[H] 6/9 Gold Elemental Shaman

Fully stocked with pots and 300 food.

LFG for Shado-Pan Monastery, Gate of the Setting Sun, and Siege of Niuzao Temple.
Partially familiar with strats.

I'll be around till 6:30pm EST tonight, and for the rest of the week I'm available every night after 8:30pm EST.

Battletag: Krabcore#1116
Skype: barcod3slol
LF tank for Gate, scholo, and mogu gold runs. Exp group!


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