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Horde Pandaren BM monk.

Have a pretty good understanding of class, however havn't progressed in challenge modes.

Only done a little bit of Scarlet Monestary but had to quit it because healer DCed

Not looking to get gold right off the bat, however I am looking for a couple of friendly players to do this with.

If you are interested in having me just say so in this and I'll give battle tag id
[H] Fury SMFury Warrior

8/9 Gold, 1/9 Silver.
Looking for a Scarlet Monastery Gold run.

Have Flasks, Invis Pots, and 300 Food.

Add me at Shadun#1118.
Ready to go.
LF tank for Gate, scholo, and mogu gold runs. Exp group!


Alliance group
Have 4/9 Gold
Alliance Assassination Rogue ilvl 513
Have all 3 Ahead of the Curve achievements and Cutting Edge Will
Looking for gold in:
-Mogu'shan Palace
-Scarlet Halls
-Shado-Pan Monastery
-Stormstout Brewery
Have Pots, flasks, and food
I can run any Sat-Wed 1pm-midnight PST
Add my BTag, Chubos#1465
5/9, need scholo, shado pan, siege and jade serpent

DISC priest, i have all my inv pots, flask and food/feast.

Marco Jara#1397
Horde ele sham
4/9 gold exp
Need SSB, MSP, SM and SPM but willing to help with a few others.
Available weekends all day, weekdays at night
2250 pvp exp
Good communicator
pro cc's
You know u want me qt ;)

Available all day
2/9 (jade serpent & scholo) demo lock lf golds
have consumables, also have rod of ambershaping
hit me up
Horde Holy Paladin
1/9 Silver XP (SH: beat gold timer but meat bucket mobs didn't get tagged)
Have Consumables, know instances

498 Guardian or 504 Boomkin

Skilled player who has been in hardcore progression raiding guilds since vanilla all the way up to the end of cata. Not really interested in hardcore raiding this expansion, but challenge modes interest me.

Open to constructive criticism and learning.

4/9 Gold (SH, SSB, SM, MSP), 3/9 Silver, 1/9 Bronze

Always come prepared, and have all necessary consumables, addons, vent/skype, etc.


Hit me up if you need a tank or boomy.
LF Mage / Ele / Hunter All Challenge Mode
Plz dont msg me if your not willing to stay when we wipe. Goin for gold.
LF Ele sham, Mage, or boomkin for Gold Challenge modes doing SPM, SM, and SSB

This is a tight nit group that will be completing all 3 of these challenges today!

add floyd#1844 if you have questions or your interested

Begining at 7 EST.
Looking at getting my 5th toon finished off.

Am currently 9/9 on my MW Monk, Disc Priest, Resto Shaman & Resto Druid.


Alliance Holy Pally LFG.
Currently 1/9 Golds

  • SPM completed
  • Available all day.

    9/9 x 5 (Brewmaster monk, survival hunter, resto shaman, blood dk and prot paladin) looking to do more CMs on my Disc Priest
    Priest =

    1 gold on priest (ToJS)
    Fully stocked on flasks, consumables, etc.
    Knowledge of all strats having several region times.

    Leave a note when you're sending a request that it's for CMs with a competent group so I know who you are.

    B-tag: Thunderhowl#1277
    HORDE Disc Priest
    7/9 gold, LF Mogu'shan Palace and Siege
    Obviously, have consumables, know strats (9/9 silver).

    Also interested in starting on my Destro/Demo lock.


    Experienced 510 feral/guardian druid LF golds. Have all consumables. I've watched and am familiar with all challenge mode videos.

    Alliance disc/shadow priest looking for challenge modes. I'm fresh to the challenge modes but I'm not stupid. I have a 464 il and I'm ready when ever you are. UndeadTeddy#1294
    Assassination Rogue
    1/9 Gold
    Have read, watched and come to a full understanding of the strats and when to use invis pots.
    Have all consumables needed including invis pots and polyformic acid.
    Have mic and am willing to Skype/Vent.
    Online right now, will be , i can be online almost any day CST
    Send request via Battletag = Noj#1175
    *will be online all day

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