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4/9 gold (need all but ssb, temple, scholo, and mogu'shan palace)
Have all consumables / invis pots along with a mic, skype, and vent.

Will be online for about 5 more hours.

Looking for individuals with a lot of time on their hands - I want to get 9/9 gold asap. Willing to go hours on end. I can do any time other than tues/wed 9pm - midnight est and fri 10 pm -1 am est.

Alliance Affliction/Demo (Greenflame) Warlock
1/9 Silver (SM) - I have only tried CM once (we were able to get silver pretty quickily)
I study the Dungeon thoroughly before attempting it. All consumables ready.
Battletag: Siph#1161

If you want to make me a part of the group - I can give you my phone # so you can reach me whenever I'm not on. Thanks.
497 spriest, 9/9 gold experience

my mage:

I have all consumables ready to go. Pyrogenic#1650. Will be available almost all day today.

This. Have an ele sham friend attending with me if you invite me ( im not running without him, you'll have to bring both of us). He is 495 ilvl, properly itemized and has just as much experience as I do.
LF heals for CM gold runs currently doing gate ( plan on knocking out at least 2 or 3)

Exp group so please be exp in gold runs.


Survival hunter (DPS)

LF Challenge mode gold runs! i have all consumables and a working headset(with mic).

Please add me at ThomasFitz#1664

Looking to try and get 2 done a day, and want to get into a group where people know what they are doing!!
[H] Fury SMFury Warrior

8/9 Gold, 1/9 Silver.
Looking for a Scarlet Monastery Gold run.

Have Flasks, Invis Pots, and 300 Food.

Add me at Shadun#1118.
Available for another 3 or so hours.
8/9 Elemental shaman looking to clean up last gold medal. Was realm first shaman on Gorefeind before xfering horde.

Still Need:
Shadow-pan Monastery

Have full consumables and ready to go at any time

Add Btag Twitch#1832
Alliance disc priest/shadow priest looking to finish
need scholomance, jade temple,shado pan monastery, scarlet monastery,
flask pots food ready any time.

add me anytime im on.
item lvl 510
Holy Paladin
Most of the time
No CM EXP, 3/12 ToT
Destruction Warlock
0/9 Gold (Looking to obtain all gold)
Have watched all guides and have the neccessary consumables.
Looking to knock these out in a timely manner.
Online mostly at night (8pm - 2am est)
Send request via Battletag: Zalkiden#1362
Assassination Rogue
1/9 Gold LFG anything but Gate of the setting sun
Have read, watched and come to a full understanding of the strats and when to use invis pots.
Have all consumables needed including invis pots and polyformic acid.
Have mic and am willing to Skype/Vent.
Online right now, will be online all night
Send request via Battletag = Noj#1175
6/9 Gold Exp Fury warrior LF Gold Challenge modes. Need Stormstout, SM, & Shado pan. Have everything. Potions / Flask / Food. Message me tonight for one of those. Have vent / Skype / & Mumble. Bloodshred#1916 I won't mind helping going back to do ones I've finished too! just promise to get me one of the three I need ^.^
498 Guardian or 504 Boomkin

Skilled player who has been in hardcore progression raiding guilds since vanilla all the way up to the end of cata. Not really interested in hardcore raiding this expansion, but challenge modes interest me.

Open to constructive criticism and learning.

6/9 Gold (SH, SSB, SM, MSP, Scholo, ToJS), 2/9 Silver, 1/9 Bronze

Always come prepared, and have all necessary consumables, addons, vent/skype, etc.


Hit me up if you need a tank or boomy.
Starting Gold Challenge mode group. Pst with Exp & Which ones you need.

*Need 1 tank Pref DK or monk*
*Need heals Pref Disc priest*

2/9 Gold Destruction Warlock lfg gold group.
Have all consumables, vent/skype, etc.

Dalebert#1117(Please include a CM note!)
Horde - Restoration - Druid
9/9 Silver
7/9 Gold
Need Siege and Monastery
Available for the next 7 hours
Have all consumables and an optimized gear set.
9/9 Gold on 3 characters

Warlock Looking for CMs
Elemental/Enhancement Shaman
5/9 Gold - Shado-Pan/SM/Jade Serpent/Siege/SSB
Looking for Gold runs
Have consumables
Available Monday

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