Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #13

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
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8/9 Gold Resto Shaman

LF Gold Siege

Have Pots/Flasks/Etc

Available Now

Elemental/Enhancement Shaman
6/9 Gold - Shado-Pan/SM/Jade Serpent/Siege/SSB/MSP
Looking for Gold runs
Have consumables
Available now

Looking for a tank for SH and Gate challenge mode right now...
lf tank and ele shaman for gold jade temple and shado pan and scarlet monastery pst
alliance side
ray#11821 pst me so we can get this rolling

LF tank for gold siege CM run. Please be exp! ( exp group )

BM monk 7/9 needing Scholo and SSB. 9/9 exp tanking on my main.

CM Group looking for ranged dps and heals for msp run tonight. Battletag Jerad#1474
498 Guardian or 504 Boomkin

Skilled player who has been in hardcore progression raiding guilds since vanilla all the way up to the end of cata. Not really interested in hardcore raiding this expansion, but challenge modes interest me.

Open to constructive criticism and learning.

7/9 Gold (SH, SSB, SM, MSP, Scholo, ToJS, SPM), 2/9 Silver (Siege, GSS)

Always come prepared, and have all necessary consumables, addons, vent/skype, etc.


Hit me up if you need a tank or boomy.
492 Ret (Although ilvl really doesn't matter above 463...)

Might have pvp gear on armory

Alliance Ret.

Have vent and skype, very vocal, pots flasks etc.

Availability varies, on right now.

BT= Orrah#1746

Very friendly and can follow instruction

message me in game! Looking for any of them.
8/9 Gold Resto Shaman

LF Gold Siege

Have Pots/Flasks/Food

Available Now!

Someone on horde start a group!
9/9 x 5 (Brewmaster monk, survival hunter, resto shaman, blood dk and prot paladin) looking to do more CMs on my Disc Priest
Priest =

2 golds on priest (ToJS and Scholo)
Fully stocked on flasks, consumables, etc.
Knowledge of all strats having several region times.

Leave a note when you're sending a request that it's for CMs with a competent group so I know who you are.

B-tag: Thunderhowl#1277
9/9 gold CM prot pally LF mage/elemental shaman and a hunter to round out a group that is going to do a few cms tomorrow night.

Looking for either skilled raiders new to CMs or 9/9 players on different toons.

Add me to real ID if your want to have some fun, rhadamir#1102
Assassination Rogue
1/9 Gold LFG anything but Gate of the setting sun
Have read, watched and come to a full understanding of the strats and when to use invis pots.
Have all consumables needed including invis pots and polyformic acid.
Have mic and am willing to Skype/Vent.
Online right now, will be online all night
Send request via Battletag = Noj#1175
Protection Paladin

Looking for All Gold Challenge Runs
Have researched and watched videos
Have Vent/Mic/Pots/Flask/Food
Available Now & mostly the whole day-

Battletag - Åpollo#1452
[H] Fury SMFury Warrior

8/9 Gold, 1/9 Silver.
Looking for a Scarlet Monastery Gold run.

Have Flasks, Invis Pots, and 300 Food.

Add me at Shadun#1118.
Available all today. Willing to help knock out a few more Golds for the group.

Have Vent/Skype/Mumble + a mic.
Need 1 healer for SM CM - group is familar w/ pulls and we are g2g.


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