Dread Wastes........

I am so close to 90 I can taste it but.... Dread Wastes is the worst zone ever. These quests are the hardest things to do and you constantly aggro mobs you don't need, even the elites. Any tips for questing here? Or should I just dungeon grind to 90?
Get the Klaxxi Paragons to buff you and suddenly everything is a lot easier. Kil'ruk the Windreaver has the best general all-purpose buff, and even better, he's the first one you get.
<-- this one turned 90 halfway thru Kun'lai since loremastering every single quest per zone. Druid never got to DW either, was somewhere mid Townlong. Pet classes are ok in DW so warlock made it there, my mage left the zone crying and went back doing undone stuff elsewhere (and pet battles).

So every class is different and there are lots of other options. Flying in DW made it a breeze for this main. You can tackle them all later with gear & flying, at 90.

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