<Toasty>14/14H SoO - Wed/Thur - Any Class

Area 52
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Raid Times - Wed/Thurs 8:00 - 12:00 EST

We are actively recruiting for heroic progression. Please be an experienced raider with a history of clearing current content. We would prefer players with similar progression experience, however an exceptional player with lower progression will be acceptable.

We expect our raiders to have the ability to play any spec their class offers to provide greater flexibility to the raid group.

Anyone interested should apply on our website: http://toastyguild.enjin.com/recruitment or contact myself or Kahton in game. My battletag is Tibz#1592
Slainsoul#1658 if you want to contact me.
I'll message you. Still looking
hey there, long time druid player here, and, pretty skilled healer, my gear may not show it due to being a guardian druid all through 5.1, but healing is my main now, and im trying to find a good home for raiding, all i can do lately is pug, and i am new to area 52, i am constantly top heals in my groups even though my ilvl is lower, i have lots of exp in the 16/16 raids, and lots of exp one 1st 2 bosses, and on tortos. nothing else though, i am a very situation aware raider, and rarely do i stand in something, or mess up a mechanic, if i dont know it i'm a quick learner, and do plenty of research before raids, if you would like to talk to me in game feel free to pst me, pchous01@louisville.edu ,

p.s. i have and use mumble, vent, raidcall, and can get what ever else if needed
Still looking
Still Looking
I am a 502 holy priest with shadow off spec. I prefer holy but can play disc as well. I'm looking for a new raiding guild. I was on a small, dying server before I transferred to Area 52 at the beginning of 5.1. I joined a guild that was decent, but our progression was incredibly slow for lots of reasons. As a result, I did not clear ToES & HoF before 5.2. Clearly not a good selling point, lol. However, in previous tiers I have cleared raids including some, but not all, heroic modes. I'm also only 2/12 in ToT because of this extremely casual and not always focused raid group I was in. I have some experience on the third and fourth bosses, but haven't killed them.
Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
I am currently on Illidan looking to possibly xfer to area 52. I played a WW monk for a majority of MOP so far but recently got my rogue to 90 and fell back in love with it. Although I may not have as many boss kills on my rogue than my monk; obviously melee mechanics are the same for the fights. Monk is 504 ilvl but I am interested in playing my rogue.

HMSV 5/6 (yes I know how to dance on will)-all normal's killed
HHOF 2/6 - all normal's killed
Toes 4/4
TOT- experience on jin'rokh, horridon, tortos, megaera, and primoridius normal.
I have funds to xfer immediately.
Still looking
Still looking
Still looking
still looking
still looking
still looking
I'm interested in trying out for this, battletag is Lyon#1335.
still looking
Still looking for a couple players; we will kill Lei Shen this week!
still looking

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