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Apparently according to sources not only was Alfred not Bruce Wayne's parental figure in the original Golden Age(as well as the Silver Age) comics but also that Nightwing gets his superhero name from a Kryptonian Dragon God.

The question I want to ask is: Would anyone want a live action Batman movie that has Bruce's parental figure be the Kryptonian Dragon God version of Nightwing with Alfred coming in later?

For me I would have him be an upright Dragon with the Dick Grayson's version of Nightwing's costume patterns over the Dragon God's skin(including a mask pattern around the Dragon's eyes) not to mention a long black mane/mullet.

How would you depict the Dragon God Nightwing in a Live Action movie?
Nightwing was originally an ID used by Superman when he and Jimmy Olsen used to go to the bottled city of Kandor to play Batman & Robin (Jimmy went as Flamebird).

When Grayson decide to stop being Robin and make his own ID he talked things over with Superman who told him about the Nightwing stories. Inspired by Superman Grayson took up the name Nightwing.

Bette Kane hears the same stories and she takes up the Flamebird ID and becomes Nightwing's stalker.
But the idea for the name for Grayson came from Superman. He wasn't inspired by some Krypton legend, he was inspired by Superman

Since the intent with the relaunch of the Batman movies is to make for an integrated film universe like Marvel has done all we really need is a "World's Finest: Batman/Superman" movie to establish the links
Yes Grayson and Bette were inspired by Superman and Jimmy Olsen. Superman and Jimmy Olsen themselves apparently got the names from Kryptonian Legend according to current canon.

If only the Kryptonian Dragon God would do something to make sure only Superman and his cousin were his avatars then the Nightwing/Flamebird come together only to be seperated by betrayal cycle might finally end or at least only harm Nightwing himself and not any later avatars which wouldn't exist(even if it means aligning not only Robin's love intrest to Flamebird yet also Robin himself to that deity making both of them Flamebird's avatars instead of Robin being Nightwing's avatar)

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